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We offer a wide range of high quality editorial products for the diesel world.

Why transfer and integrate the contents of the paper magazine Diesel International, focused on engines for mobile, stationary and marine applications, into a web platform?

– Because the OEMs are asking us to do that.

– Because Diesel International has been downloaded over 35,000 times in a month.

– Because sending the electronic version of the newspaper is no longer enough to satisfy the hunger for news, in-depth analysis and data sheets.

– To amplify the echo of Diesel of the Year, the award for the most innovative industrial engine.

– To emphasize the specific editorial nature of Diesel International.

From the next year, annual issues will rise from two to four with a three-monthly frequency. It will be distributed during exhibitions and to our newsletter contacts. Our contents are tailored for a very special group of readers: OEMs, engine and equipment designers, marketing specialists and press officers, final users, repairers and all the people around industrial engines. Our website is strongly connected and integrated to the paper edition, to our newsletter, and to social media channels.

Diesel International puts together aesthetic and high-tech contents through a balance of text and photos, enhanced by graphs, tables, and Diesel own tech indexes. Diesel inquiries in many areas of the market are essential to the professional readers.

So… stay tuned! On