Ecomotive Solutions, a company specializing in solutions for sustainable mobility, is focusing heavily on hybrid engines, in the various mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full hybrid variants. There are some sectors where it is still complicated to embrace the philosophy of electricity: for example, the world of heavy vehicles and special vehicles, which have to travel along urban and extra-urban roads, feeding specific equipment with only the internal combustion engine. To date, the weight of the vehicles and the operation of the fittings still constrain the use of a diesel propulsion, the only one capable of sustaining performance and ensuring the coexistence of these vehicles in the urban context.

Heavy and special vehicles, hybrid suitable solution

Applied to this sector, the hybrid contribution makes it possible to safeguard performance and improve the environmental impact in terms of emissions and pollution. Consolidated the Diesel Dual Fuel platform, which saves less ecological diesels from scrapping by fueling them with a dynamic mixture of diesel and natural gas, the Piedmontese company of the Holdim group inaugurates a new phase in its history by facing a new challenge for application of hybrid electric technology for transport.

Mariano Negri joins Ecomotive Solutions

And precisely in the matter of hybrid, the experience of a new partner who recently joined the Ecomotive family weighs on the innovative retrofit applications: it is Mariano Negri, an entrepreneur from Campania who has been involved for over twenty-five years in the design and construction of engines and solutions. for the automotive and marine industry. Negri, who is also vice president of the Components Group of Anfia, the Italian association of the automotive industry, brings with him a vast experience in the design and production of engines and components of internal combustion engines gained with CMD Costruzioni Motori Diesel; the joint stock company with offices in Caserta and Potenza, of which he is CEO, will be able to offer integrated solutions and large-scale production by exploiting its industrial plants.


Volvo Penta range expands with D13 solutions

Volvo Penta has expanded its marine IMO Tier III range with new D13 solutions, demonstrating the company’s commitment to exceeding today’s best practice while in parallel innovating future technologies.

FPT Industrial at The World Biogas Expo with the Smart Hybrid Hub

At The World Biogas Expo 2022, the world’s leading trade show dedicated to the biogas industry, FPT Industrial showcased its solution for power generation fueled by renewable resources: the Smart Hybrid Hub, the world’s first variable speed low-pressure natural gas, hybrid, multi-mode, genset.

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