Vanzetti Engineering supplied its cryogenic pumps for an important project involving the reconversion to gas of 60 percent of the vehicles of Contarina, a public waste management company operating in 49 municipalities in the province of Treviso, in Northern Italy.

The operation is part of a project financing agreement for the use of LNG and CNG to power the fleet of vehicles Contarina uses to collect urban waste. The goal of the project is to achieve the gas reconversion of the vehicles – which currently mainly run on diesel – thanks to the construction and supply of a storage and distribution plant for LNG and CNG by Liquigas.

How Vanzetti contributed to the reconversion project

Vanzetti Engineering contributed to the project through the supply of the filling station – L-CNG and LNG, which includes 2 alternative series VT-55 pumps for the distribution of L-CNG, a Skid with a submerged ARTIKA 160-2S cryogenic pump for the distribution of LNG, as well as all the necessary cryogenic equipment.

This initiative is an important first step in the creation of a completely sustainable company fleet. The construction of the LNG and CNG storage and distribution plant lays the foundations for the future use of biomethane produced by processing organic waste, thereby enabling Contarina to use self-produced sustainable fuel to power the vehicles in its waste collection fleet.

The use of LNG offers significant environmental advantages thanks to the use of clean fuels which emit a lower level of CO2 and particulate, but it also offers economic and social benefits since this solution reduces pollution and the associated health risks.

Vanzetti cryogenic pumps: VT-55 and VT-3

The VT-55 alternative cryogenic piston pump has a simplex to triplex modular assembly to guarantee a capacity range of 20 to 179 lpm and a maximum distribution pressure of 420 bar. Moreover, the installed power ranges from 37 and 200 kW. The pump is equipped with a gear crank lubricated in oil which ensures maximum operating efficiency. The cold head of the pump has a seals cartridge that allow for quick maintenance operations.

The VT-55 is part of Vanzetti Engineering’s family of alternative VT cryogenic pumps. The evolution of this model is the new VT-3, which comes in simplex, duplex or triplex versions in accordance with the required capacity, and has a maximum pressure of 420 bar. The VT-3 model is the ideal solution in terms of performance, safety, reliability and low maintenance requirements and can be provided on a skid with all accessories including sensors, instrumentation and valves for a safe and reliable control of the pump. The VT-3 was initially designed to satisfy the growing need for LNG power supply systems for high-pressure marine engines. Today it represents a valid alternative for L-CNG filling stations which require a high capacity and pressure.


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