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Renault Trafic Van E-Tech Electric

The Trafic presents itself with a credible expectation, which projects it into the coveted dimension of the last mile: the vehicle promises 240 kilometers of autonomy, in compliance with the WLTP cycle, equipped with a 90 kilowatt engine, standard unit of measurement of synchronous and asynchronous ...

Quantron and Ballard enhance their cooperation

The Quantron QHM FCEV hydrogen truck, introduced as a world premiere at IAA 2022, integrates in its 44-ton variant the FCmove-XD 120 kW fuel cell from Ballard Power Systems. Following the official launch, more than 250 initial inquiries and the first orders for the vehicle have already been placed.

Americans like electric vehicles, but they don’t buy them

A few days ago, Paul Hoffman from BestBrokers published a report, focusing on the willingness of Americans to switch to electric vehicles. Turns out 71% of Americans show some form of interest in buying or leasing an EV, but only 2% say they have a battery electric vehicle (BEV).



Iveco goes to Japan with LNG

Iveco, in Japan with Stralis NP 400 and Daily Iveco exports its know-how on natural gas in the Japanese transport sector. Japan has traditionally been a land practically inaccessible for foreign competitors. Instead, Iveco has found a way to reverse this trend. The Italian company presented the late...

New Michelin X Multi Energy tire series

Michelin introduces the new X Multi Energy tire Michelin has introduced the new multi-purpose regional tire X Multi Energy designed for the truck segment. The new tire series combines long life and low energy consumption, thus lower fuel consumption. The new X Multi Energy represents the evolution o...

Sisu: first hybrid truck with Mercedes and Visedo

Sisu goes hybrid Sisu, along with Mercedes and Visedo, crosses the threshold of hybridization for heavy vehicles. The onboard supercapacitors provide one kilowatt-hour, but can reach up to 2 kWh. We are getting more and more used to hearing about hybridization of the cinematic chain. But with heavy ...

Red Dot Awards, Kia wins three times

Kia Stinger, Stonic, and Picanto at the Red Dot Awards Kia family wins three times at the Red Dot Awards, held in Milan. Stinger, Stonic, and Picanto models succeeded in the blazoned design competition. To be precise, we are talking about three different segments. Respectively, great tourism, urban ...

Roush CleanTech gets Carb Hd-Obd certifications

Roush CleanTech to take the lead in propane engines manufacturing Roush CleanTech is a propane autogas fuel system manufacturer. It is the first one to receive certifications recognized by two different environmental entities. One is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (Epa), the second is Califor...

Liebherr and Kamaz keep working together

Liebherr and Kamaz, producing engines and competition champions together After the successful collaboration on the production of truck engines, for both oil&gas applications and Paris-Dakar key players, Liebherr and Kamaz keep working together, and this time they are focusing also on a made-in-R...
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