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New BorgWarner electric motor for commercial vehicles

BorgWarner’s latest High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) electric motor, the HVH 320, is ready to power a variety of hybrid and electric applications (here’s our post about the purchasing of Akasol) for commercial vehicle manufacturers, including a large European OEM. Production of the HVH 320, which is...

FPT Industrial for Tata Daewoo. The CEN

Ladies&gentlemen, FPT Industrial ‘guy’ for Tata Daewoo is the 4.5 liters Diesel engine, ‘rebaptised’ Euro Dynamics. Its appearance looks quite familiar to us. FPT has good roots in Korea and is still linked with Daewoo. Zyle Daewoo Bus Corporation signed an agreement with...

Volvo in the quarry is more sober than ever!

Volvo in the quarry doesn’t mean just Volvo Trucks. Volvo Penta is on the move to the fuel saving also powering a crusher. The stage is in Sweden, both the characters speak the same language, which helps to find mutually beneficial solutions. Volvo in the quarry, under the Swedish flag The sec...
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