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If diesel is less polluting…

Energy transition of Class II, switching to gas while maintaining a share of the latest generation diesel can generate fewer emissions than a rapid consecration of the LNG. The Politecnico di Milano has studied the guidelines for the renewal of the fleet


Cummins and Daimler. Euro VII? Coming soon…

Cummins and Daimler signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a global strategic partnership for medium duty engine systems. There are some news which comment on themselves because of the nature of the protagonists. Such is the case with Cummins and Daimler. Consider, moreover, that the Euro...

Ineos and Hyundai join forces for hydrogen by signing a MoU

Ineos and Hyundai Motor Company will cooperate in order to drive the hydrogen economy forward. The two major companies, in fact, have recently signed a memorandum of understanding to explore together new opportunities in the hydrogen economy. According to the vision of the global companies, future o...

China and investments on batteries in the future of Scania

Scania will soon establish industrial operations in China. We are talking about a wholly-owned truck production facility in Rugao, Jiangsu Province, 150 km northwest of Shanghai. Series production is scheduled to start in early 2022. Talking of Scania, here’s a refresh about the iconic V8 engine. «O...

A top-notch driveline: the VDL Futura bus relies on DAF and ZF

Let’s talk about buses and mention a driving impression recently published by our colleagues from AUTOBUS magazine (here’s the link to the international magazine Sustainable Bus). The VDL Futura Fhd2-129 bus stands out for its driveline thanks to the collaboration with two giants such as DAF a...
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