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UFI Filters Kamaz and Liebherr

Ufi Filters supplies the complete range of filters for the Kamaz R6 and Liebherr D956 diesel engine: oil filter, diesel filter and rotating blow-by filter developed with the exclusive ‘FormulaUFI’ filter media

Dana moves on electrification on-road and off-road

Dana moves on electrification and acquires Pi Innovo to increase its in-house electrodynamics capabilities and electrification product portfolio by adding a strong library of turn-key electric vehicle application software, vehicle level controllers, and auxiliary controllers.   Dana moves on el...



Bonfiglioli Evox: after EVO another (almost homonymous) milestone

Bonfiglioli Evox. On September 23rd, we attended, telematically speaking, a double presentation by Bonfiglioli: Evox and Axiavert – a coaxial gearmotor and frequency inverter respectively. In 2019, Bonfiglioli (HERE our catch-up at Agritechnica) had the highest ever turnover, with 973 millions...

There’s a new Dana facility in Yancheng, China

The opening of the new Dana facility in the Yancheng region, China, was announced back in mid-August. According to the global company, the production site will help «expand its production of highly specialized hub drives, planetary drives, helical and bevel helical gearboxes, and hydrostatic solutio...

Patrini Giacomo and Jekko: a successful collaboration

Patrini Giacomo and Jekko – the latter being a leading international mini crane manufacturer headquartered in Italy – have created a success story that deserves to be told. We do this by giving the word directly to those who, within Patrini Giacomo, followed its creation and development....

Fluidpress hydraulic valves, made in Reggio Emilia

Fluidpress is an Italian family-owned company specialized in hudraulic valves as well as cartridges and special manifolds, with a high degree of customization. It was born in quite a fertile territory for mechanical production, with a fabric of small artisan enterprises, worthy heirs of the historic...

Energy: what kind of implements!

When you say energy you think power. In this case Energy is an Italian company specialized in generating sets that also boasts an interesting range of products for farmers. These are models with cardan shaft operation and three-point hooking: a flexible solution that makes it possible to optimise th...

Meritor and electrification. The bull flies on electrified wings

Meritor and electrification, an association of thougts and ideas that accelerates year after year. We will reveal everything later when we publish the full article in Diesel International. On the next post you will also find the PDF. For the time being, you’ll have to be patient and settle for...

Bonfiglioli Mosaico

Bonfiglioli Mosaico is the bridge to digitisation and a user-friendly approach. What is it, in details? We get them to explain it to us directly (Here the interview at Agritechnica 2019). Bonfiglioli Mosaico: a complete e-procurement system Mosaico has become a complete e-procurement system: the new...
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