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Smesh-E-Axle has a revolution in mind

«For the sake of efficiency, it goes without saying that the shortest possible path to create torque at the wheels is the best. We do that by placing the motors exactly between the wheels and make them spin in parallel. Next, when you want to set a 40 metric tons vehicle in motion, you need a lot of...


Deutz builds its ten millionth engine

Drive systems specialist Deutz celebrates the production of its ten millionth engine with the completion of a TCG 7.8 H2. This hydrogen engine with six cylinders is, like the original, a four-stroke engine.


Walvoil Dieci EIMA International: a winning and ‘glocal’ trio

Walvoil Dieci EIMA International. We’re talking about a prize here, practically a mile away. Do you know an application entirely ‘zero kilometer’ made? Walvoil and Dieci have succeeded. Both in the province of Reggio Emilia, in the Italian Motor Valley, a few dozen kilometres from Bologn...

ifm electronic and the efficiency of mobile machines

ifm electronic and the efficiency of mobile machines is not a mantra but what emerges from a webinar focused on these topics. You will find soon the all the article on the paper issue (and digital) issue of Diesel International. For the moment let’s read the beginning of the report (before sta...

BorgWarner turbochargers with optimized VTG technology

BorgWarner has announced the supply of its state-of- the-art variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbochargers to a global OEM. The VTG turbocharger offers benefits for modern hybrid and combustion engines such as improved power output, reduced emissions and higher temperature capabilities. This new con...

Aidro and the hydraulic components made with additive manufacturing

The love story between Aidro, a small and very innovative company from the province of Varese, in Northern Italy, and additive manufacturing is one worth telling. The second generation that is currently leading the company – Valeria and Tommaso Tirelli – have been investing quite a lot on 3D printin...

Bonfiglioli AxiaVert

Bonfiglioli AxiaVert is the second fruit of the ‘harvest’ that Bonfiglioli has made available to the public online on 23 September. The first one has been Evox: read here to refresh your memory. We’re going to post the Bonfiglioli official in order to upgrade your knowledge about t...

Two-stage Ecocharge turbocharging system for highest efficiency

Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ new type KG-18-T gas engine, equipped with PBST’s two-stage ‘Ecocharge’ turbocharging  system has recorded the world’s highest class power generation efficiency of 51 percent with Japanese standard city gas. The KG-18-T’s Ecocharge solution consists of one PBST TCX23...

Bonfiglioli Evox: after EVO another (almost homonymous) milestone

Bonfiglioli Evox. On September 23rd, we attended, telematically speaking, a double presentation by Bonfiglioli: Evox and Axiavert – a coaxial gearmotor and frequency inverter respectively. In 2019, Bonfiglioli (HERE our catch-up at Agritechnica) had the highest ever turnover, with 973 millions...

There’s a new Dana facility in Yancheng, China

The opening of the new Dana facility in the Yancheng region, China, was announced back in mid-August. According to the global company, the production site will help «expand its production of highly specialized hub drives, planetary drives, helical and bevel helical gearboxes, and hydrostatic solutio...
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