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Brokk, the demolition robot with electric (or diesel) soul

The Brokk 900 is available both with a 71-kilowatt ABB electric motor and in the diesel version (with Kohler or Kubota engines), with emissions standards up to Tier 4 Final for the American market or Stage V for the European market. The power supplied is in any case around 55 kilowatts.


Powertrain 5/2021 introduced by the editorial staff

As usual, the editorial staff released a video to introduce Powertrain 5/2021, the fourth of six issues of the magazine to be released in the current year. The e-magazine is available at this link. In the editorial, we wonder if the EU will become a hub for hydrogen and biomethane. Did you know that...


JCB with Perkins for ultra-compact 403 Plus wheel loader

JCB has released the new version of its 403 wheel loader. The 403 Plus model retains the basic features of the current 403 Smart Power but can be adjusted to more demanding and heavy-duty use thanks to a new engine that provides twice the power in terms of kilowatts delivered. Specifically, while th...

Landini 5 Series. Deutz AG is the engine partner

Landini 5 Series, the big shot of the Italian AG brand, doesn’t deny its propulsion mission. Deutz AG is the partner. Ad you know, ARGO Group, of which Landini is a member, made a technical choice for Tier 4 Final. This option was been renewed for the Stage V compliant tractors. Up 120 kW thre...

Deutz likes Deutz…Fahr

Deutz likes Deutz…Fahr, we know. What has emerged recently is the extension of the relationship between Deutz Ag and Same Deutz-Fahr. They say, in Cologne that “the cooperation between SDF and DEUTZ is based on a long and trustful relationship, aiming to offer its customers the best solutions ...

Komatsu PC24MR‐5 Stage V

Are mini-excavators fertile ground for battery pack conversion? Yes, they certainly are. So the diesel engine is ko, crossed off the list, gone? Not at all, as demonstrated by Komatsu PC24MR‐5 Stage V.   Komatsu PC24MR‐5 Stage V Some features about PC24MR‐5 : Engine power 15,8 kW (21,2 HP) at 2...

6-cylinder Belarus: strong and reliable

There is a 6-cylinder Belarus under the bonnet of the tractor we tested for you. And the tractor is, obviously, from the Belarus tractor manufacturer. The Belarus 2022.6, strictly speaking. This is basically a captive story from Eastern Europe. 6-cylinder Belarus, 7,12 liters displacement Undoubtedl...

Claas and Stage V. FPT, Deere, MTU, Yanmar

Claas and Stage V, in Harsewinkel can say can say “mission accomplished!”. Here we provide some insights into the relationship between the German OEM and FPT Industrial, John Deere Power Systems, MTU and Yanmar. You will find the full article in the January 2021 issue of Diesel International. ...

Hidromek and Isuzu: the Japanese feeling for Turkey

Hidromek and Isuzu are the protagonists of the story we are telling. Hidromek, in order to emerge in a very competitive market such as Europe, had to provide its customers with two essential elements: reliability and low consumption. Together with pleasant hydraulic management and performance in lin...

Tractor of the year 2021 and the ‘winning’ engines

Tractor of the year 2021 and the ‘winning’ engines. The Covid did not defeat the Tractor of the year, which took refuge in the trench of the web events and started from there with the bayonet. The result was the beautiful online proclamation on Friday 18 December. Who won and what engine...
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