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Wärtsilä to support Italy’s transition towards renewables

Wärtsilä will supply the engines with auxiliaries for a 75 MW power plant being built in Termoli, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. The plant has been contracted by energy utility Metaenergiaproduzione, and is under construction by FATA, a member of the Danieli Group.

MAN PrimeServ

MAN PrimeServ announced the possibility to convert the MAN 48/60 engine with MAN 51/60 unit to increase reliability and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions



Cummins C25G: so close and so far

Cummins C25G: just presented is already a must both near, very close to Ramsgate, home of the preview, and far away, in the Far East. Let’s read the officials. Cummins Inc.  announced the successful long-term field test of its latest natural gas-powered generator, the C25G, which has been oper...

Wärtsilä loves Italy, Italy loves Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä and Italy, a deep and ancient relationship. At the end of the 1990s Finmeccanica sold Grandi Motori Trieste to Wärtsilä itself, which made it a centre of engineering excellence. Let them tell us how this relationship evolves. Wärtsilä and Italy: a long relationship The technology group Wärt...

Cummins microgrid and Australia. QS family

Cummins microgrid and Australia. When it comes to hybrid systems and cogeneration, storage systems and endothermic systems, Cummins has the expertise to organize an efficient proposal. We report what we received from Cummins regarding an application in Australia involving QSV91G and QSK60. Cummins m...

Himoinsa in Ethiopia

Himoinsa in Ethiopia. How many times have we traveled around the world with PG’s Spanish experts? For example in Norway, Algeria, Ecuador and the UK. Now it’s time to go to the Horn of Africa. They say, those of Himoinsa: Himoinsa in Ethiopia: INSA headquarter The generator sets, located...

Cummins natural gas generator to power olive oil plant in Spain

Cummins has installed its QSK60G natural gas generator in the TROIL Vegas Altas S.C. olive oil sludge treatment plant in Valdetorres, Spain, ensuring that the new expanded plant can operate reliably 24/7. TROIL Vegas is a cooperative dedicated to the transformation of olive oil mill by-products, whi...

Kohler: a century of power. Our interview with the management

For Kohler, it’s a century of power. A name (power) that can be used in both senses of the English language. Kohler Power Systems, SDMO, Clarke Energy. Once upon the time when the manufacturer of the engine block manufacturer was missing. Now there is one, thanks to Kohler Engines of Reggio Emilia. ...

Raywin in Europe. Together with Multipower and Bimotor

Raywin in Europe gets real. After displaying the products in some European exhibitions, like BAUMA Munich and EIMA International Bologna, in order to penetrate a saturated market like the European one, the Chinese have understood that they have to oversee the different areas. For Italy they have cho...

Himoinsa and extreme climates. Let’s see what happens in Norway

Himoinsa provides us with a vademecum on the adaptation of gensets to the extreme climates. The incipit contains the reference to Darwinism. «It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change», stated the Brit...
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