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The first 8-cylinder variant of the Bergen B36:45 gas engine

What we are telling you is a beautiful story, Bergen B36:45 gas engine, but one that changed its connotations at birth. The B36:45 gas engine for PG applications also found ‘fans’ in the 8-cylinder version. As we all know, however, it is recent news that Bergen has been sold to TMH. When...

Rolls-Royce to sell Bergen. Mission accomplished

Some believed that Rolls-Royce could combine Bergen and Mtu to create a large CHP and commercial marine hub. An ambitious idea, which would have required investments to harmonise and integrate the two portfolios. However, first the marine engines business was sold to Kongsberg, and now the Bergen En...

Some more Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines in Pakistan

Wärtsilä has had quite a long and fruitful relationship with Lucky Cement, one of Pakistan’s leading producers and exporters of cement. Indeed, ten Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines are already supplying the electricity needed to run the production at Lucky Cement’s Pezu power plant in Pakistan’s Khyber Pa...

Cummins QSV91G goes to Myanmar

Cummins QSV91G is just the last one from the gas-powered cummins engines we talked about. The C25G preview in Ramsgate, UK, was the last opportunity before MEE Dubai for a business trip. It happened just one year ago, before the pandemic spread over all Europe. Now it’s time to move to the V-1...

Wärtsilä’s report outlines a different perspective

Wärtsilä’s report – Aligning Stimulus with Energy Transformation – is a good way to say ‘bye’ and too restart. End of the year, time to take stock, especially in years as historic as this one. The year 2020 was profoundly marked by the pandemic, and thoughts on energy supply and so...

MTU Series 500: more efficient and H2 ready

MTU Series 500: it seems incredible, but the pandemic does not stop R&D and the launch of new products! The keys to understanding the presentation of the new series concern efficiency, which stands at 42.6%, and the fact that they are H2 ready. For the rest, we rely on the Friedrichshafen note. ...
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