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AEM Cummins and sustainability

AEM and Cummins believe in sustainability. AEM has announced the creation of a Sustainability Council. The thought of Brian Mormino, executive director -- technical and environmental systems for Cummins

Man Energy Solutions thinks alternative

Man Energy Solutions thinks alternative, and it does so in two ways, both using ICE as the common denominator: LNG and dual-fuel. We start from the agreement with the Greek Construction Company, TERNA, a 100% subsidiary of the GEK TERNA Group. Man Energy Solutions thinks alternative: TERNA and LNG “...

FPT Cursor 13 NG number 10thousands

Fpt Industrial Cursor 13 NG is the perfect testimonial of the exuberance of the LNG in the trucks segment. We’ve known about it for years, and we got a sneak peek at it at CNH Village in Turin during Tech Day 2017. The CNG conversion of a 13-litre diesel engine has come a long way. […]



Faurecia at the forefront of hydrogen development in China

Faurecia aims to play a primary role in the development of hydrogen-based solutions in China. The global automotive technology company, in fact, has just announced the acquisition of CLD, one of China’s largest high-pressure tank manufacturers. More into details, CLD is headquartered in ShenYang and...

Autogas Italia and LPG. Also in the water

Autogas Italia and LPG, a combination that is also to be affirmed at sea. There are more than 3000 bi-fuel LPG conversions for marine applications. A retrofit that is apparently not only fashionable among forklifts. Autogas Italia and LPG The company, in conjunction with Ecomotive Solutions, member ...

Why are lubricants so important? ADDINOL knows…

Efficiency, a refrain that rages through the world of industrial applications. The efficiency lever should not be sought solely in thermodynamic parameters (HERE the Weichai record). We asked the German manufacturer ADDINOL to talk about their high-efficiency lubricants for heavy-duty operation. &nb...

Not only ICEs. Geminiani looks at electrification

Internal combustion engines still remain the core business for the Italian engineering specialist Geminiani. However, the concept of electrification is getting increasingly familiar for the company’s system engineer. We made some questions to Massimo Geminiani. Here you can find an excerpt of the in...
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