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Bergen Engines launches Ammonia Zero Emission project

When Bergen Engine’s new owner, Langley Holdings, visited Bergen Engines at the end of last year, Chairman and CEO Anthony Langley gave the green light to a €4 million research project, to be funded jointly with the Norwegian government. The Ammonia Zero Emissions project (AMAZE) is developing the u...

Sustainability: TotalEnergies reports on the progress made in 2021

In connection with the publication of its “Sustainability & Climate – 2022 Progress Report”, TotalEnergies is presenting the advances made in its transformation strategy and an update of its climate ambition, in accordance with the commitment made by the Board of directors at its Annual Shareholders...

Punch Group’s vision for energy transition at VTM 2022

During the VTM (Vehicle & Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings), Pierpaolo Antonioli, CTO Punch Group, has provided the example of how the Group is managing the ecological transition through investments in several zero-emission technologies, based on the principle of technological neutralit...

Landi Group is growing

New Business Plan to accelerate Landi Group’s growth as a leading strategic player in both the sustainable mobility segment and in the segment of infrastructures for developing hydrogen and biomethane as the energy sources of the future
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