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Scania introduces 13-litre gas engine

Scania is renowned for its wide range of low-carbon powertrain options, and is now proud to add the all-new 13-litre gas engine that can run on natural gas and on biogas as well as new tank options.



Solaris and the lightweight hybrid

The lightweight hybrid is 12 meters and less than 9 tonnes Here it is. The lightweight hybrid bus from Solaris, with an empty weight of less than 9 tonnes and 12 meters long. Its weight with passengers is around 15 tonnes. Urbino and Trollino change their look. Solaris has presented at the Czechbus ...

Rotomix5 ECO and Ecomotive Solutions

Rotomix5 ECO, the first self-propelled mixer wagon powered by biomethane Rotomix5 ECO. After the electric self-propelled mixing machines Supertino Electra 21 and Siloking eTruck, the manufacturer Bravo has presented at Eima 2018 the very first model powered by biomethane. Developed in collaboration ...

Retrofit buses. 107 million for them in Germany

Retrofit buses. In Germany sustainability rhymes with diesel. 107 million euros from the European Commission for the retrofit of diesel buses. In Germany, the ecological transition of public transport follows the path of diesel. And of the vintage bus. According to the news coming from Brussels, up ...

Alfa Laval and Atmo2018

Alfa Laval sponsored Atmo2018 The event sponsored by Alfa Laval, in its ninth Italian edition, took place from November 19 to 21 in Riva del Garda. It was an opportunity to discuss how technological innovation applied to refrigeration contributes to reducing environmental impact. Atmo2018 was a meet...

Renewable diesel fuel from Bosch

Renewable diesel fuel, Bosch is making progress Fully renewable diesel fuel is powering, since early November, the cars chauffeuring the management board members of Bosch. The name is ‘C.A.R.E. diesel‘, this fuel is a synthetic one, mainly coiming from by-products and waste materials. It...

ZF. Smart Temperature Check

New smart temperature check by Zf, let’s see how it works. Developers of power electronics for electric drives had been missing an important piece of information: how strong are the temperature fluctuations that the installed silicon chips are subject to under real driving conditions. Such sem...

Cummins at 2,000 for hybrids

Cummins engines for over 2,000 hybrid buses in Europe Cummins is very active on the front of traditional hybrids. Right now, more than 2,000 hybrid buses are operating in Europe equipped with the H B4.5 (with 157 kW of power and a torque of 850 Nm) and the B6.7 Euro VI series (with 224 kW […]

LNG regasification terminal

MAN in Finland MAN Energy Solutions has won the contract to design and deliver an LNG regasification terminal for the Forchem company in Rauma. Forchem, company producing chemical and animal feed products from tall oil, has chosen to convert the boiler for generating steam for the refinery process t...

Deutz and Stage V. The beauty of innovation

Deutz and Stage V. A story that began with the flourishing of the first ‘Stage V ready’ cards at Intermat in 2015, which found its consecration there with the certification of TCD6.1. The first industrial engine to bear the title of ‘Stage V Compliant’ by the European Union w...

JCB and the “sound” of silence

JCB partecipated to the “Theatre of silence 2018” with its new 90Z-1 JCB contributed to the 2018 edition of the “Theatre of silence” (Teatro del silenzio in Italian), the summer musical event promoted every year by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. At work the brand new compact ...
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