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Scania introduces 13-litre gas engine

Scania is renowned for its wide range of low-carbon powertrain options, and is now proud to add the all-new 13-litre gas engine that can run on natural gas and on biogas as well as new tank options.



JCB and the “sound” of silence

JCB partecipated to the “Theatre of silence 2018” with its new 90Z-1 JCB contributed to the 2018 edition of the “Theatre of silence” (Teatro del silenzio in Italian), the summer musical event promoted every year by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. At work the brand new compact ...

Yanmar’s industrial diesel engines get Stage V

The certified industrial diesel engines are 24 Yanmar not only gave the announcement that some of its industrial diesel engines got certified for EU Stage V emission standards, but it also provided the full list of the 24 models to satisfy any curiosity about it. Moreover, the company has acquired c...

HImoinsa. New models for the Silent Plus range

Himoinsa developed new models in the Silent Plus range Himoinsa has developed new models in the Silent Plus range, which offer low noise emissions and long running times for the rental market. The goal is to offer the market a wide range of generator sets with low noise emissions, powered by Yanmar,...

BorgWarner’s Egr solution to reduce NOx emissions

BorgWarner’s Egr system follows evolving emission standards BorgWarner’s Egr shows up as an all-in-one system with an integrated module that can resist high termal loads for increased efficiency and durability. In times of increasingly stringent emissions regulations, adaptation through ...

Kohler gets Stage V Certification

Kohler: Stage V certfication for the diesel range Kohler is growing up in the OEM’s providers scenario, designing and manufacturing diesel engines for off-road applications: the latest milestone it has reached is Stage V certification for KDI engines in the 19-56 kW power range. THE KOHLER CEO...

Electric buses powered by diesel generator. A true story from UK

Electric buses are not enough to make a green fleet. Issues such as energy production and life cycle emissions are quite known and debated. But what is happening in UK is a real extreme case: a fleet of electric buses powered by a diesel generator. Indeed, Harrogate Bus Company claims it’s having re...

Natural Gas Vehicles Toll Exemption in Germany. Iveco is thankful

Low fee for gas vehicles in Germany, Iveco welcomes Natural gas vehicles will receive a toll exemptions for highways from January 1st 2019 to Decembre 31st 2020 thanks to the decision taken by the German parliament, concerning both CNG and LNG vehicles over 7.5 tons. This decision will pull natural ...

Amer and Volvo Penta together for Efficiency

Amer and Volvo Penta 100-mile experiment demonstrates fuel saving potential The Shipyard Amer Yachts Permare, in collaboration with Volvo Penta, has “dared” to install a revolutionary layout engine system with 2 IPS 1350 for the first time on a pleasure superyacht which permits a decrease of consump...

EGR and MAN, a New Step Forward

New EGR Technology by MAN EGR strikes back. In accordance with the principles of the German school (thermal balance and TCO reduction, by the restraint of consumption of AdBlue), MAN takes a step forward in terms of ERG in the OEM context. MAN Energy Solutions has launched its new EGR (Exhaust Gas R...
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