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AEM Cummins and sustainability

AEM and Cummins believe in sustainability. AEM has announced the creation of a Sustainability Council. The thought of Brian Mormino, executive director -- technical and environmental systems for Cummins

Man Energy Solutions thinks alternative

Man Energy Solutions thinks alternative, and it does so in two ways, both using ICE as the common denominator: LNG and dual-fuel. We start from the agreement with the Greek Construction Company, TERNA, a 100% subsidiary of the GEK TERNA Group. Man Energy Solutions thinks alternative: TERNA and LNG “...

FPT Cursor 13 NG number 10thousands

Fpt Industrial Cursor 13 NG is the perfect testimonial of the exuberance of the LNG in the trucks segment. We’ve known about it for years, and we got a sneak peek at it at CNH Village in Turin during Tech Day 2017. The CNG conversion of a 13-litre diesel engine has come a long way. […]



Volvo Energy. The Volvo Group electrification Business Unit

Volvo Energy. The Volvo Group Business Unit electrification. Cummins did it, Deutz did it, FPT Industrial did it, all the engine manufacturers are doing it. It’s inevitable, especially when you’re talking about a group that has its score business in road applications. Volvo has had to ge...

FPT Industrial and alternative fuels: DME. Under a Swiss umbrella

FPT Industrial and alternative fuels: DME. The road to energy transition is getting crowded. The vanguards of electric are increasingly being found by voices on hydrogen, fuel-cells and ICE, and instances of alternative fuels. No longer just bio-fuels but also power-to-X (also for commercial boating...

CHP and hydrogen: present and future for MAN Energy Solutions

Let’s start with the hydrogen. MAN Cryo, the wholly-owned subsidiary of MAN Energy Solutions, has announced that it is working on a number of projects for liquid-hydrogen fuel-gas-supply systems for various-sized vacuum tanks equipped with tank connection spaces, and all relevant equipment for safet...

Ammonia: another brick in the wall of decarbonisation?

When you heard the word ammonia on you think about SCR such as a Pavlovian reflex. And it’s a mistake. Today, ammonia is valued by many to be a solution, one of several solutions, in the transition to decarbonisation. Of course, caution is high, but commercial shipping...

Volvo Penta and efficiency. The five Swedish declensions

Volvo Penta and efficiency. We all usually call it efficiency. But Volvo Penta has found a way to pursue the same goal, but with a different semantics: to maximize uptime. In Guthenburg they show five ways to go. Listen straight from their words (for first, refresh on Stage V). Volvo Penta and effic...

Prinoth goes to Hydrogen. What a wonderful winter story!

Prinoth goes to Hydrogen. We spoke with Andreas Muigg, Head of product management, and Martin Kirchmair, Head of research and development. It happened roughly one year ago. We focused on ICE,  diesel, LPG, CNG and GNL engines. We also broached the cool topic of electrification. Prinoth goes to Hydro...

Smart energy according to ABB and to Shanghai Electric

What does ‘smart energy’ mean? We could give you several examples, among the many meanings of the (overused) adjective ‘smart’. Here we will consider a couple of significant examples. Let’s start with ABB. Smart energy. Looking at ABB “ABB has been granted membership in...
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