A global provider of sustainable and innovative fiber-based solutions, the Finnish company Ahlstrom-Munksjö launches FiltEV, a new plafform for high-performance filtration materials addressed to electric vehicles.

As a matter of fact, electrification is a key strategic theme for Ahlstrom-Munksjö, which has successfully served the automotive industry for 50 years. Widespread adoption of electric vehicles will require more than just the needed technology. It also requires energy storage solutions, where fiber-based materials are widely used.

«We plan to further expand our portfolio»

«I am very pleased to introduce our initial range of products from the FiltEV platform», said Cedric Vallet, Head of Business Development, Industrial Filtration & New Vehicles. «Utilizing our extensive technological platforms already in place, the offering highlights the innovative benefits of our new portfolio and demonstrates our commitment to this market. Consequently, we plan to further expand our portfolio of solutions in this field, also including fuel cell air intake, over the coming months».

Ahlstrom-Munksjö: FiltEV transmission filtration

In addition to cabin air filtration solutions for the benefit of passenger and to cooling fluids filtration – a reliable shielding of the thermal management system – some more solutions are conceived for enhanced protection of the drivetrain. The main features of transmission filtration products include premium glass microfiber media with optional protective scrims as well as proprietary full synthetic three-layer media with excellent durability and a wide range of efficiency covering most filtration requirements.

«The cleanliness of the oil is an increasingly important factor in the performance, reliability and life time of the modern transmission systems and the new propulsion solutions for electric vehicles», states the company.


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