Allison’s xFE fuel saving and emissions-reducing transmissions are now available also for medium-duty trucks in the EMEA region. This type of transmission was already used on buses on a global scale.

More into details, the 3000 xFE and 3200 xFE models are designed for engines producing up to 370 horsepower and 1695 Nm (dependent on the application), and gross vehicle weight up to 28.5 tons. The new models ensure CO2 emissions and fuel consumption reduction by up to 3.7 percent, compared to the standard 3000 and 3200 Series transmissions. The US company also states that gradeability, the fully-loaded vehicle’s ability to climb an incline at a steady speed without needing to downshift and work the engine harder, also improves under 48 km/h. These characteristics make the new transmissions particularly well-suited to slow-speed urban applications and stop-start duty cycles such as refuse collection.

«Helping OEMs and fleets make a 15 percent CO2 emission reduction by 2025»

«Truck fleet operators everywhere are under legislative pressure to reduce emissions, and of course all fleets would like to reduce their fuel costs. These new xFE transmissions could be a critical tool in helping OEMs and fleets make a 15 percent CO2 emission reduction by 2025 and 30 percent by 2030, as required by EU CO2 emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles. Doing much more with today’s efficient diesel technology is an affordable and environmentally-responsible stepping stone on the path towards electrification and other non-fossil fuel propulsion systems for which we also have suitable propulsion solutions», said Sjoerd Vos, Allison Transmission Director of EMEA Marketing. Not long ago, Allison inaugurated a Vehicle Environment Test Center in the US.

Allison’s xFE transmissions with or without a retarder

The new 3000 xFE and 3200 xFE lock up in first gear rather than second, and make the final overdrives deeper, improving the spread of gear ratios from 5.37 to 5.91. These changes have been made without any need to alter the external form, fitting, servicing schedule, or weight of the 3000 Series.  

Furthermore, both the 3000 xFE and 3200 xFE models are offered with or without a retarder, and both are equipped with Allison’s FuelSense 2.0 package of smart controls to precisely balance fuel economy and performance. The efficiency of Allison’s xFE transmission can add up, across a vehicle fleet, to quite significant environmental benefits of surprising significance.


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