BorgWarner has extended its cooperation with Hycet Transmission Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. by supplying BorgWarner’s triple-clutch P2 drive module and hydraulic control unit to Great Wall’s Haval and Wey brands. As a leading supplier in the global HEV market, BorgWarner supports the world’s first 9-speed P2 9HDCT hybrid transmission for Hycet “I-Era 2.0” powertrain. The hybrid transmission features nine gears and a parking lock function for greater vehicle efficiency and performance.
With the electric motor placed directly between the internal combustion engine and the transmission, BorgWarner’s on-axis P2 drive module, which matches Hycet delivers cost-effective hybridization through its compatibility with existing vehicle platforms. This innovative BorgWarner P2 solution has a compact axial and outstanding performance and is capable of integrating up to three clutches, including a disconnecting clutch. This allows the system to decouple from the engine for pure electric driving, enabling the vehicle to always provide sufficient power performance when the engine is not working or in inefficient areas. 

BorgWarner’s P2 drive module technical features

BorgWarner’s P2 hydraulic control unit for Hycet adopts a next-generation low-leakage design to further improve the efficiency of the hydraulic system. The latest solenoid valve is also designed for optimized clutch and shifting characteristics, resulting in better system efficiency and performance.
BorgWarner’s on-axis P2 drive module can be installed directly into the drive shaft for easy integration. The compact design with up to three nested clutches minimizes overall length, enabling OEMs to integrate it with a variety of engines and vehicle platforms, including high voltage PHEV, high voltage HEV and 48V systems. The company’s triple-clutch P2 module integrates the disconnecting clutch, the drive motor and the cooling system, and features a high-performance, low-noise stator delivering 95% peak efficiency. It is reported that the hybrid vehicles equipped with BorgWarner’s triple-clutch P2 hybrid drive module and hydraulic control unit will have mass produced by the end of January 2022. 

BorgWarner’s integrated drive module will power also Hyundai Motor Group‘s A-segment electric vehicles, whose production is planned to start in 2023.


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