Exide Technologies has recently introduced on the parts market two new batteries of the Endurance+ PRO GEL range, code ED2103T (capacity = 210 Ah, CCA = 800 A) and code ED851T (capacity = 85 Ah, CCA = 350 A). The Endurance+ PRO GEL ED2103T are intended for large trucks in long-distance applications, while the Endurance+ PRO GEL ED851T are specific for commercial vehicle and van applications.

The two Endurance+ PRO GEL ED2103T and ED851T batteries are both of OE derivation and based on GEL technology, invented by Exide, in which the electrolyte instead of being in liquid form is fixed in a gel. They are maintenance-free and are ideal for all those applications that require high cycling resistance and are subjected to strong vibrations.

Equipped with full-frame grids, a specific silica gel and an innovative epoxy resin to guarantee the fixing of the plate pack, the new batteries both offer high resistance to vibrations (more than the V3 level in the EN50342-1 test) and cycling (10 times more resistant to cycling than a conventional battery and 2 times more resistant to cycling than an AGM battery). This maximizes the life expectancy of the new Exide batteries, while also ensuring safe starts.

Resistance to cycling is crucial for particularly energy-intensive trucks, such as long-distance ones equipped with “life on board” equipment, for commercial vehicles that make numerous deliveries in the city and, more generally, for any vehicle with significant energy needs. In the case of the Endurance+ PRO GEL ED2103T, the strong resistance to vibrations makes it suitable for installation in the rear of the chassis or for trucks operating on rough roads.

The new Endurance+ PRO GEL ED2103T and ED851T can be used both in standard applications equipped with two batteries that provide energy for starting the engine and for services, and on those with Dual-Energy Battery Storage, a system developed by Exide Technologies for Original Equipment. This includes two starter batteries and two GEL batteries dedicated to powering the services, thus matching the best battery to each specific function. The starter batteries provide full power to start the engine and allow you to restore a full charge before switching off. With the engine off, power is supplied exclusively by the GEL batteries, which ensure that the starter batteries remain fully charged for the subsequent restart of the engine.

In addition to the Endurance+ Pro GEL range, Exide Technologies’ broad and complete offering for commercial and industrial vehicles, designed to reduce TCO, currently also includes the StrongPRO EFB+, EndurancePRO EFB, PowerPRO, PowerPRO Agri & Construction lines for agricultural and earth moving, and StartPRO.


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