Patrini Giacomo and Jekko – the latter being a leading international mini crane manufacturer headquartered in Italy – have created a success story that deserves to be told. We do this by giving the word directly to those who, within Patrini Giacomo, followed its creation and development.

Patrini Giacomo and Jekko: in search of a solution

«Jekko had quite a relevant issue: the strong vibrations generated by the engine were transmitted to the driver’s cabin, considerably affecting the operators’ work. The problem had to be solved quickly.

Our Product Manager, together with the company’s owner, went on site to personally assess the best possible solution to the emergency. The company believes that visiting customers’ premises is crucial to create a strong and trustworthy relationship. Moreover, it allows us to concretely assess the criticalities, the first step to be able to solve it.

Patrini Giacomo and Jekko

The solution: TAB 70 anti vibration mount

The engine installed on the Jekko mini cranes was a 3-cylinder one, with some peculiarities that had to be treated differently from any other type of engine. As a result of several considerations, the conclusion was to install the TAB 70 anti vibration mount. Its small dimensions allow it to adapt perfectly to the restricted space of the engine compartment. The mount is equipped with a tear-proof central fixing system, provided for in accordance with current regulations, which guarantees a high degree of safety. This technology allows for a reduced plastic deformation of the anti vibration device, avoiding the total detachment of the driver’s cabin in case of significant dynamic shocks.

The pecularity of this mount lies in its composition. The TAB 70 has been designed and manufactured in a special compound: butyl rubber. A composition that provides excellent performance in damping the vibrations produced by asynchronous motors, such as the one used in Jekko mini cranes. The contribution of our compound supplier has been fundamental in the making of this anti vibration mount made of synthetic rubber. Collaboration with trusted suppliers is one of the cornerstones of Patrini Giacomo’s corporate philosophy.

In fact, our Quality System, which has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, provides for the relationship with selected suppliers who are periodically audited.

A successful application

Following the installation of our metal rubber anti vibration mount, there has been a significant improvement in the detection of vibration frequencies produced by the asynchronous motor. The results were considered satisfactory by both parties involved. The possibility of having a large stock of products at our disposal allowed us to be extremely quick in supplying our customer. Furthermore, production verticalization allows us to integrate all the production stages within our company.

The drawing of the metal parts, the realization of the internal turning components, the painting of the metal parts to guarantee an excellent adhesion of rubber and metal as well as rubber vulcanization are all processes that are entirely carried out within Patrini Giacomo. This feature makes us particularly competitive and fast in supplying our customers with the best solution to their vibration problems.

Patrini has been producing rubber metal vibration dampers for vibration reduction since 1965. Our mission is to create a long-lasting collaboration relationship with our customers to support them and to simplify their work.

More information about our company and the Patrini Giacomo product range is available on the website Our Technical Department is at your disposal to analyze every kind of application and to suggest you the best anti-vibration support for your needs».




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