UFI Filters announces a major extension to its organisation and with the creation of a new business unit dedicated to Thermal Management Systems. The new BU will be operationally flexible and independent and will benefit from a dedicated Research and Development team. It will be based in Italy, at the UFI Innovation Center in Ala di Trento.

Thanks to this new Business Unit (TBU), UFI Filters is demonstrating a strong commitment to addressing the ongoing shift in the automotive industry towards vehicle electrification. In this way, the company intends to further develop technological innovation more quickly, to better meet the requirements of the high-performance product market.

The new TBU will be headed by Ivano Cordioli, who holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an EMBA masters. Ivano boasts 15 years of experience in the Group and has held various positions of increasing responsibility, ranging from Project Engineer to Business Development Director.

Rinaldo Facchini, CEO of the UFI Filters Group, says: “The increasing electrification of vehicles is leading us to focus more on this segment, which is why we have created a team dedicated to one of the key factors for electric vehicles: thermal management. I am pleased to entrust this job to Ivano Cordioli, who has long experience, and a proven track record at UFI Filters of bringing innovation directly to the OE customer.”

The UFI Filters Group has been present in the automotive OEM heat exchanger sector since 2010. In particular, investment in research and innovation has led to specialisation in the design, development and production of aluminium heat exchangers produced by vacuum brazing and water-cooling. This process allows for the obtainment of a more robust, efficient and clean product compared to traditional steel systems.

Today the UFI Group provides seven product lines dedicated to thermal management. They feature sophisticated products from the stand-alone or the integrated engine oil cooler (for combustion vehicles), the transmission oil cooler and liquid-cooled condenser (both for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles), the battery chiller and coolant battery heater or the coolant flow valve (for hybrid and electric vehicles) up to the heat exchanger for e-axles for electric vehicles that can be supplied as single heat exchanger or as integrated module that reflects the company’s complete range of capabilities.


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