Centrifugal cryogenic pumps made by Italian manufacturer Vanzetti Engineering are suitable for use in biogas micro liquefaction plants. More into details, Vanzetti Engineering pumps are used to transfer bioLNG produced by micro liquefiers which are downstream from a biomethane upgrading process. Biogas from animal type waste, or plant scraps or organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW), are purified with the upgrading process to biomethane and then liquefied. The final liquefied product is characterised by a high degree of purity, necessary to prevent damage to the liquefier.

Vanzetti centrifugal cryogenic pumps in biogas plants

In biogas micro liquefaction plants, the role of the cryogenic pump is at the end of the process, once the biogas is in the storage tank: the pump is used to transfer the product and represents the last communicating element between the plant and the company that must pick up the product and take it to another supply point. Centrifugal pumps are installed on manual skids in micro liquefaction plants. Vanzetti Engineering handles the supply of the cryogenic pump and builds the entire skid, while the end customer takes care of installing the plant

The product generally used for this type of application is the cryogenic pump DSM 230 on skid. This type of pump features an electric motor, direct transmission and mechanical seal, an ideal configuration for transfer applications.

Some recent supplies in Northern Italy

Just to mention some recent supplies provided by Vanzetti, these include the bioLNG production plant built in Verolanuova, in the province of Brescia, the first upgrading and liquefaction plant started up in Italy by the Piedmont firm Criotec Impianti in Candiolo at the Cooperativa La Speranza, as well as the supply to the Lucra 96 plant in Villanova del Sillaro in the province of Lodi (Lombardy).

A growing market

Based on EBA (European Biogas Association) figures, a total of 167 TWh of biogas is produced in Europe, equivalent to 15.8 billion cubic meters, and approximately 26 TWh of biomethane, equal to 2.43 billion cubic meters. This production already corresponded to 18,943 biogas plants at the end of 2019 and 725 biomethane plants installed, but the market is destined to witness significant growth in coming years. 


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