With the Deep Blue 50 SD, ZF and Torqeedo have successfully collaborated on a new range of emission-free propulsion systems. As proven during its premier application in Groupe Beneteau’s Excess 15 cruising catamaran during the Cannes Boat Show, the saildrives offer clean, quiet and powerful thrust and manoeuvrability. Docking and sailing is now easier and more environment-friendly than ever. The drives also supply efficient hydrogeneration, keeping the on-board system charged while under sail, helping to further reduce the carbon-footprint of a variety of vessels, including sailing yachts, urban ferries and water taxis. The electric power system was the winner of the 2021 METS Boat Builder Awards in the category “Collaborative Solution between Boat or Superyacht Builder and its Supply Chain Partner”.

In the Excess 15, two Deep Blue 50 SD are combined into a bluewater sailing configuration, with Torqeedo supplying an electric motor and battery solution and ZF supplying its proven and benchmark saildrive technology. Together, the two drives generate 100 kW of power, which allows for speeds of up to 10 knots. Electric sailing – i.e., running the drives in low rpm-mode while under sail – lets the catamaran knife through water without the boost of fossil fuels. Energy recouperation under sail is more than sufficient to supply hotel loads while cruising, adding to the comfort of those onboard. With no need to start up a noisy fuel-powered generator, passengers can enjoy the downtime out on the seas in peace and quiet.

In a single motor configuration, the Deep Blue 50 SD offers 50 kW of power with a maximum propeller speed of 1.325 rpm and 425 Nm of torque. In addition to the Deep Blue 50 SD, ZF and Torqeedo are also developing a more powerful Deep Blue 100 SD that is aimed at manufacturers looking for a customized integration. 

ZF awarded for its advanced fleet management solutions

ZF is supporting the digital transformation journey of several leading fleets, which will help further enhance operational efficiency and safety through real-time fleet management capabilities and data-driven insights. Under the agreements, ZF will equip fleet customers with a powerful combination of advanced Transics-branded FMS truck and trailer connectivity solutions with cloud-based, advanced digital service portals. 

The growing adoption of ZF’s advanced Transics-branded Fleet Management Solutions is helping propel the digitalization journey of the EMEA logistics and transportation industry to the next level of efficiency and safety by providing better information for smarter operational decisions and automation,” said Peter Bal, Business Leader Digital Customer Services EMEA with ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems. 

The Lannutti Group is one of the latest major fleets to have joined forces with ZF on its fleet digitalization program. Established over five decades ago, the Group is supported by over 1,800 people and has a fleet of more than 3.500 road and multi-modal vehicles.


If diesel is less polluting…

Energy transition of Class II, switching to gas while maintaining a share of the latest generation diesel can generate fewer emissions than a rapid consecration of the LNG. The Politecnico di Milano has studied the guidelines for the renewal of the fleet

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