What does it mean “approaching Diesel of the year 2022”? It means setting out the features that define the eligibility of an engine or industrial applications.

Looking for candidates. Approaching Diesel of the year 2022

You will find the following under ‘eligibility’ on the website www.dieseloftheyear.com: “To be eligible for the prize, the candidate must have a completely new engine block or improvements in power and torque or innovative solutions to make it recognizable compared to previous engines generations“. This means that the jury, composed of the editors of VeT Edizioni’s print and online publications, privileges the research, design and engineering of an engine block conceived from blank paper.

The importance of specific curves

This does not imply exclusive consideration of engines with a completely new stroke and bore. In the identity card of an engine, regardless of the kind of application, there is specific power and specific torque. Although the days are long gone when an engine, to appeal to farmers and operators on the construction site, had to be at least a 6-cylinder and deliver far more power than was needed. Research and the engine technology follow the guidelines of two closely interlinked key factors: downsizing and power density. Basically, the way the engine industry and OEMs are going is in the opposite direction. Efforts to improve the performance and compactness of existing engines are also excellent credentials for winning Diesel of the year.

A wait that will end early next year

In short, an engine with a new stroke and bore and specific curves and power density. These are the first clues leading to the identikit of the Diesel of the year 2022. We will be bringing you further details in the coming weeks.


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