Deutz Days 2021 took place at Coreum, where Deutz feels like home for a couple of reasons. Deutz AG strongly believes in this project which, moreover, has with Cologne the common denominator of the Rhine River. In Stockstadt am Rhein, not far from Frankfurt, Deutz AG told us what happens and what will happen in their backyard.

Hitachi full electric machinery at Deutz Days 2021

At Coreum, Deutz illustrated its strategies for applying decarbonisation and did so with tangible elements, with systems and machines that we were able to see first-hand. For instance, we saw in a specifically equipped area inside the building a model of Hitachi KTEG ZE 85 800V, a compact crawler excavator with zero emission, the fully electric Hitachi 48V mini excavator and the Made CC1485 mini crane which negotiated the terrain almost silently. We provide some features about electric excavator: up to 4 hours running time; charging duration (high performance) via CCS2 plug: 45 minutes; charging duration (fast charging) via CEE plug (63 A): 105 minutes continuous operation by charging while working. It’s a 8.5 tons, based on a Hitachi ZX 85 excavator. We move to the Hitachi 48V mini excavator, a type of machine that has found other applications in Germany and will be among the first to convert to full electric: up to 3 hours operating time, with a 4 hours charging duration via CEE plug; continuous operation by charging while working, equal performance compared to diesel equipped vehicle.

S-Deutz Telematics

At the end of the event Deutz shown its own fleet management. With S-Deutz Telematics, you can monitoring your entire Deutz fleet remotely, regardless of the location of the equipment. Through real-time monitoring, you know the operational and service status of each piece of equipment at all times, allowing you to increase productivity while reducing lifecycle costs. Installing the S-Deutz Telematics hardware in your machine is fast and simple, and our online dashboard provides all engine and service information where and when you need it.

And hydrogen…

Finally Deutz showed electric and hybrid modules and a storage and charging power station for hydrogen and methanol fuel-cells. We will talk soon about this and other aspects of what we saw at Coreum.


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