Cannes 2018, the FPT Cursor 16 sea-baptism

Ferreri movie quote “The Big Feast” is justified by Cannes 2018 high-level premieres. Fpt Industrial, Man and Nanni have showed their pleasure boats top engine range.
One of these, the Man V12, has lent itself to hybridization by Diesel Center. All right, well, first things first. Fpt Industrial has landed in style, replacing the traditional garrison of Bimotor. The reason could be summarized in an acronym: C16 1000. Fabio Buzzi and his creature, the speed boat from FB Design, broke the speed record of the category, marking an astonishing peak of 277,515 kilometers per hour. Following that record Cursor 16 in Cannes 2018 looks like the Fpt top range in nautical market.


With 1,000 horsepower and 3,500 Newtonmetro inside the ‘body’ of a 13 liter, the C16 throw down the gauntlet in a crowded segment, the semi-displacement one. C16 is also consolidating  the role of Fpt in passenger transport vessels, pilot boats, small tugboats and patrol boats. The diportal mission imposed the updating of air, water, oil and fuel circuits, to avoid salt wearing effects and water corrosion and contamination.

Cannes 2018 is also Man and V12

Another surprise, due to Man proverbial confidentiality, was the V12 upgrade, that during a three years old Cannes Boat Show (during the 2015 edition), had improved power to 1,900 HP. Now, in Cannes 2018, the 2,000 horsepower release further reduced the gap with the Mtu 2000M96. The 1,471 kW of maximum power peak is available at 2,300 rpm. The availability of the Bavarian top-range is scheduled on February 2019.The segmentation of the Nuremberg V-engines continues with the 1,300 horsepower V8. The two-liter cylinder displacement that has made the history of Man (AxC 128×157 mm) is anchored to the same revolutions as his older brother. The 957 kilowatts reaches the power peak at 2,300 rpm. And the V12 2000 surprises does not end here. At the hall entrance in the prestigious Palais du Cinema, where the legendary golden palms are assigned, the word E-motion stood out with the name of Diesel Center in filigree.

Cannes 2018

Hybrid lion or E-motion

The E-motion hybrid has enlisted in the role of endothermic the V12 2000, in the sign of compactness, authentic driver to any application. The module design, consisting of an internal combustion engine, inverter, clutch and electric motor, declares a competitive length with the 16 endothermic cylinders.
The E-motion demonstrates a plastic behavior, which manifests itself in seven ways of managing the thermal-electric package. The hull can take full advantage of V12 performances, or draw on the diesel-electric, with the thermal in the generator function, to power the propeller. On the other hand, in the zero emissions application, the hull can speculate at the hotel function, which delivers the boat to the exclusive battery-mode.

Cannes 2018

Other modes are the economy one, which activates a single diesel engine, scrapping the consumption of a third party and lightening the total operating hours, the power boost mode, which operates in parallel the two cores of the kinematic chain, the endothermic and the electric one, delivering a total of 2,410 horsepower, and the cruising boost mode. Even the latter comes from the power sources combination, allowing to extend the maximum speed at cruising speed.

E-motion is already working on an 86 and a 106 of San Lorenzo, at the express request of the shipowner.

Cannes 2018: Nanni hand in hand with Scania

Closes this stars parade Nanni Diesel, with the N13 930, which we talked about recently and that brings the apical threshold of Nanni to the roof of the 1,000 horses, thanks to Scania, who has granted the use of the 13 and 16 liters for the Platinum series.



If diesel pollutes less…

Energy transition of Class II, switching to gas while maintaining a share of the latest generation diesel can generate fewer emissions than a rapid consecration of the LNG. The Politecnico di Milano has studied the guidelines for the renewal of the fleet

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