The third issue of the year of Diesel International, the first one under the new name of Powertrain, hosts an interview with Stefano Unali, Sales Manager of Southern Europe for Cummins Marine. Despite the pandemic, he defined 2020 as «a memorable year» and such an optimistic view will last also in 2021. Here’s the full interview, at page 40. The following is an excerpt.

Unali (Cummins Marine): high level of demand in 2020

Considering how things are going in general, can you explain such an outburst of optimism?

It’s due to the level of demand, which is actually very high. I couldn’t honestly say whether this depends on the feelings of anxiety triggered by Covid-19, on the expectations about the billions of the Recovery Plan, or on the frustration built up over 2020. Maybe since we’ve all been stuck at home, we’ve rediscovered the potential of boats as a means to practice social distancing virtuously and enjoyably. 

Generally speaking, I can confirm that production orders for our lines are still consistent, or even on the rise, in this first glimpse of 2021.

Meanwhile – aside from COVID – what happened at Cummins Marine?

Cummins revised its structure. We’ve discussed the options with Coladonato, a distributor of both Cummins and ZF, and we agreed we could set aside a space at their headquarters to stock marine engines to be sold to Southern Europe. Coladonato will guarantee immediate service, as they’re used to handling a stock of 100 inverters on top of which are 12 to 20 Cummins engines available for sale, plus the so-called rotating stock – i.e. the engines ordered by clients. Upon arrival at the warehouse, engines are checked in and undergo all regular checks (general check-up, fluid top-up, electronic system programming etc.) so that we can provide boatbuilders with a turnkey engine solution. This service, combined with aligned or competitive pricing and engine quality, is one more string to Cummins’ bow.

Cummins Marine

Look out of your window. What do you see?

I may repeat myself, I see boatbuilders that turn to us because we can provide an integrated offer which includes Onan gensets and San Giorgio SEIN integrated joystick and dashboard systems. Cummins is equally driven towards light duty commercial boats and yachts and can match its engines with gensets. In 2020, we made our first appearance on eight boats we had never been on before, including Infinity, Austin Parker, Aprea Mare, Mauri Yacht (Sardinia) in addition to extending our cooperation with Ferretti for their yacht 500. I’d like to conclude by announcing that Cummins will not take part in any tradeshow in 2021.



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