Sustainable navigation, with low consumption and reduced environmental impact. Siemens’ SISHIP EcoProp system is on board the new category of Expedition yachts from Benetti. In particular, on board the B.YOND 37M which ensures, thanks to the e-Mode propulsion architecture developed for the shipyard, autonomy from 5,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the mode of navigation.

The B.YOND 37M expedition yacht from Benetti


Created in 2008, the SISHIP EcoProp propulsion system can count on a Siemens inverter, engine and generator, developed for very difficult environmental conditions in the automotive industry.

Depending on the different machine types and drive configurations, the SISHIP EcoProp system can support applications with intermediate bus voltages from around 450 VDC to 750 VDC.


SISHIP EcoProp: high efficiency for motors and generators

Liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motors can operate either as a motor or as a generator, electrically connected to an inverter. A technology that guarantees maximum efficiency for motors and generators.

The system is generally built as an auxiliary propulsion system and is therefore able to work as a shaft generator system to cover the loads required by the ship.

The motors and generators are coupled via an inverter to the DC Link; the lithium-ion battery, the diesel genset and the power supply for the main switchboard are connected to the DC Link itself.


The E-Mode solution for the Azimut Benetti Group

E-Mode is a plug-in system, based on the SISHIP EcoProp technology, specifically designed by Siemens for the Azimut Benetti Group with the aim of making the integration of standard propulsion architectures easier, as well as providing an innovative system that, if necessary, can be managed like a traditional electrical system.

The electric propulsion system can be completely disconnected in the event of a fault. The system is also suitably sized to ensure efficient propulsion and to provide on-board services during the night or when maximum comfort is required on board. It is equipped with a battery, but additional batteries can be added to meet specific customer requirements.


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