Developed by the Prins van Oranje Group in Heeg, The Netherlands, The Venegy 37 is a yacht that combines the latest developments in hull shape, sustainability and performance. Nevertheless, first of all let’s go searching for some more information about its propulsion system (we always think about the engines, apparently…).

In the engine room, we find two Volvo Penta D3 diesel engines, compact and lightweight, each of them with 2.4 liters displacement, 5 cylinders and capable to ensure a power output of 161 kilowatts (220 hp). The maximum speed is over 38 knots, while the length overall recalls the yacht’s name, that is to say 37 feet (11,2 meters).

venegy 37 volvo penta
Volvo Penta D3 marine diesel engine

The Venegy 37: a unique wheelhouse

Back to the deck, in our imaginary walk on board, let’s read the words of the official press release: «The Venegy 37 is characterized by a unique wheelhouse with a 360 degrees panoramic view (including safety glass) which ensures a maximum view. Above the steering console there is a special roof construction in which a sliding roof system has been integrated. This gives the wheelhouse a maximum amount of light and ensures that outside and inside become one».

venegy 37 volvo penta

12 percent less fuel consumption

«The underwater ship, designed with the patented Petestep technology, ensures a higher top speed and 12 percent less fuel consumption. The extreme spray rail allows you to sail dry and comfortable in rough water. In addition, the Venegy 37 delivers impressive performance. At the top speed of at least 38 knots, the noise level is remarkably low. The Venegy 37 is built semi-custom, so there are many possibilities in terms of design, smart gadgets and performance».


Deutz builds its ten millionth engine

Drive systems specialist Deutz celebrates the production of its ten millionth engine with the completion of a TCG 7.8 H2. This hydrogen engine with six cylinders is, like the original, a four-stroke engine.

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