Bonfiglioli inaugurated a new production line for electromobility

Mechanization seems to be moving towards an increasingly electric future. To lead this change there are those companies that most of all are pushing towards innovation. While the major vehicle manufacturers are competing against each other to be the first, in the field of applied components the real technological metamorphosis is already taking place.

Among the most dynamic players there is also an important Italian company, a protagonist in the gearmotors sector, which on December 12th inaugurated a new production line completely dedicated to electromobility. We are talking about Bonfiglioli.

The Group, founded in 1956 by Clementino Bonfiglioli and today led by its daughter Sonia, has implemented a new and modern plant alongside its historic production center of Villa Selva, the beating heart of the ‘Mobility & Wind Indutries‘ business unit.

Bonfiglioli new plant

The new plant, which occupies an area of about 10,000 m2, has been developed for the production of innovative units for electrical transmissions, from gearmotors to electric axles of various sizes.

The plant was built in just twelve months with an investment of over 10 million euros and it reflects the Group’s ‘greenphilosophy, integrated with the latest generation of savings and power generation measures, such as LED lighting, a photovoltaic system positioned on the roof in self-consumption mode and the heat recovery system from industrial compressors.


The adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies (anthropomorphic robots, automatic guided vehicles, interactive operating instructions systems and data connection systems) ensures the optimization of the entire production process without limiting industrial flexibility. Sophisticated test benches (such as the double vibration test) ensure the highest quality standards.

The future is towards growth

To legitimize the festive atmosphere of the inauguration ceremony, there are financial data and growth forecasts. The business unit ‘Mobility & Wind Indutries’ closes 2018 with a record turnover of about 550 million euros (which is equal to 60 percent of the total turnover of the Bonfiglioli Group), with a 15 percent increase compared to the previous year.

These numbers are destined to grow together with the trend of electromobility: according to Bonfiglioli, the percentage of electric propulsion vehicles will grow exponentially in the next ten years, going from the current 5 percent of vehicles sold to 48 percent by 2030.


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