Bu Power Systems, Perkins and Italy: a triangle that goes back a long way, to the economic boom in Italy and the appetite of agricultural mechanisation for kilowatts.In the fairytale setting of Villa Geno, a splendid example of Italian neoclassical architecture, Bu Power celebrated a decade in Italy under the Perkins banner.

Perkins and Bu Power: more than a partnership

We are located on Lake Como. It is not just a matter of glamour: the headquarters of Bu Power Systems Italia is in fact located some ten kilometres from here. The event is attended by a crowd representing Perkins’ customers in Italy: limiting ourselves to power generation, we can mention Greenpower and Visa. Simone Buraschi, Bu Perkins Italy CEO, and the entire headquarters were there to do the honours. He himself pointed out: “Positive developments in terms of product, distribution and, above all, customer relations have characterised the last decade. I have been lucky enough to be part of this adventure from day one. During this time, I have gained valuable work experience and have been able to spend intense and pleasant moments together with customers and colleagues”.

Who, when and where

To be fussy, the ten-year anniversary dates back to March 2021. Three locations, including Colverde (near Como), the branch in Monastier di Treviso (near Venice) and the branch in Imola, (near Bologna) all certified Level 3. Franz Focks is the CEO of BU Power Group. His attitude and entrepreneurial vision are quintessentially German. Yet he was ‘betrayed’ by emotion when he retraced the steps of the approach to Italy and the agreement with the local Perkins structure.

bu power Perkins

Jaz Gill’s version

Jaz Gill is Vice President Global Sales, Marketing, Service and Aftermarket Parts of Perkins Engines Company (read here about Perkins CMET) and reminds us that 2022 is also Perkins’ 90th celebration. “Perkins has been present in Italy since very early 1960s,” Gill said. “It is a very significant country for Perkins because of its robust industrial, general construction, and industrial sectors in addition to its strong agricultural and electric sectors. Finally we have decided to work with a distribution partner. They are better at what we do in the territory than we are. They are supported by us, and they propel global and local operations. Italy will continue to be a key market for the Perkins company, therefore we’ll expand there. The way BU Power develops the aftermarket services is truly amazing.” Jaz Gill goes on with the inevitable references to the difficult global situation. “The last two years have been the most challenging, with Covid, Brexit, and the supply issues creating an extremely challenging scenario. We engage with those suppliers very closely due to the unique problems of the global supply chain, and we also face rising prices for risk, raw materials, freight, and energy. The amount of market demand for our products is practically unprecedented next year, I’m speaking of the volume of our international clients.”


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