F28 Diesel of the year 2020. Back to the origins

F28 Diesel of the year 2020. And it goes back to its origins, together with Umberto Gammieri, Head of the F28 Platform.

Where did the need for a 2.8 litre engine come from and why this displacement?
From the need to cover all the requests and technical requirements that we have gathered over the years from our experience in the field of compact Agriculture and Construction applications. We needed to meet the requirements of high torque at low engine rpm, fast transients and high power at high rpm, while respecting strict dimensional constraints. The correct displacement is the key to meeting the mix of requirements.

F28 Diesel of the year 2020
F28 Diesel of the year 2020


The engine block is completely new. Why didn’t you start from the 3 cylinders of the house, (AxC 94×107 mm) and (AxC 104×115 mm), or the 4 cylinder (AxC 99×104 mm)?
The F28 was created by combining the best features of small off road engines. Starting from an existing a peculiarity of one engine rather than another. In order to bring together all the best features of FPT engines it was necessary to start from the blank sheet.

A technical approach

As far as possible, what are the issues you had to solve during the design phase?
Designing a 4 cylinder engine fitting in a 3-cylinder packaging was the first challenge we had to solve, identifying the correct bore/stroke ratio to meet both performance and engine size. All key internal parts have been improved through accurate studies:  several optimization were needed also on the bridge between the cylinders, to find the right compromise between robustness, packaging and oil consumption.

Was it more difficult or challenging to conceive an engine that was diesel, gas and hybrid?
F28 really proved to be an exciting project, following the modular, multi-power approach anticipated with Cursor X concept.

F28 Diesel of the year 2020
Is F28 Diesel of the year 2020 on the way of Cursor X?


A bizarre question: if we were to describe your engines with a metaphor, we would think of the Prince Charming for the previous Diesel of the year, the Cursor 16. What fantastic character would you identify the F28 with?
I would say Hercules, par excellence, the symbol of strength. Even if he is our F28, besides being strong, he also stands out for his compactness.




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