As many as 50 VISA-branded gensets, all equipped with Fpt engines, are currently work in Cortina d’Ampezzo, home of the World Alpine Ski Championships, underway until Sunday, February 21. VISA, in fact, is the official technical supplier of FIS, the International Ski Federation, which together with Fondazione Cortina 2021 is organizing a primary sport event that so far, despite some hiccups due to bad weather in the early days, is giving great satisfaction to winter sports enthusiasts. Fans who, unfortunately, cannot watch the races live due to the well-known Covid-19 restrictions and were unable to take advantage of the splendid days of sunshine and very cold temperatures (even below -10°C) during the first week of competitions.

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FPT and VISA together to provide backup energy in Cortina

We all know that extreme temperatures may jeopardize the correct operation of the gensets, and therefore also to their internal components, among which the engine naturally stands out. The 50 gensets supplied by VISA (here’s a very interesting interview from Cortina with VISA Area Sales Manager, Miro Mosena) in collaboration with FPT Industrial are the seal on a partnership that has lasted more than 40 years and that today also includes the participation of the well-established FPT local distributor, Bimotor. The gensets were put to the test at the official opening ceremony of the event on Sunday, February 7.

In fact, the VISA gensets powered by FPT Industrial engines immediately cut in to deal with an emergency. More specifically, a powerful generator was used to supply the medium-voltage substation near the finish area at Rumerlo, right next to the Tofana Lounge, which failed due to a transformer fault caused by the extreme weather conditions, as the first few days of the event were hit by very heavy snowfalls.

This swift response provided the power grid with the necessary backup and enabled a normal, uninterrupted supply of electricity to all the loads connected to the line.

fpt cortina

Service and after-sales support

The entire opening ceremony was also powered by the VISA generators: two container units, connected in parallel, supplied electricity for the TV broadcast and the lighting and stage setup, while two more FTP Industrial-powered units, once again connected in parallel, provided support to the services for the event’s global TV coverage. The ‘Italian team’ of VISA and FPT Industrial staff is always on hand to provide assistance for the event throughout the World Championships, overseeing operation and ready to step in if required.

«Nothing can be left to chance during a World Championship», stated Ettore Brunero, CEO of Bimotor. «And we’re here at Cortina to support VISA alongside FPT Industrial, by supplying the best engines for the customer’s on-site needs, in terms of sustainability and reliability even in the most challenging conditions».

fpt cortina

Cutting-edge generating sets

«We are proud to be Technical Supplier for such an important event», declared Marco Barro, Co-Owner of VISA. «All the more so since we are ensuring that the races and all accompanying events can go ahead using the latest generating sets and round-the-clock on-site technical support, in order to guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and immediate response».

«More than 500 million people worldwide will watch the Cortina World Championships», added Carlo Moroni, Head of Communication at FPT Industrial. «Engineering excellence, combined with the proven reliability of FPT Industrial engines, will enable them all to enjoy an unforgettable display, in the hope that this event shows that a return to normality is feasible».



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