Himoinsa gas generator power plant project for a major oil field in Orellana, Ecuador. A total of 5 HGS 975 T5 WG units in a special container provided by the company belonging to the Yanmar Group are at work in Ecuador and provide 5 MW (5 x 975 kW) thanks to gas engines with high mechanical resistance, fuelled by a gas with very low compressibility and reduced levels of particle, NOx, SOx and CO2emissions.

Himoinsa gas generator

Himoinsa gas generator in the Block 43 oil extraction zone

The Block 43 oil extraction zone, the one which takes advantage from the project, is a large oil field located in Ecuadorian Amazon, in the eastern part of the province of Orellana, to the west of Ecuador. Its certified oil reserves amount to 1,672 million barrels, equivalent to approximately 41% of the country’s crude oil reserves; this means that this extractive region has been declared an area of National Interest by Ecuador’s National Assembly.


Gas and diesel gensets operate in parallel

Using a Woodward Easygen control panel, the gensets are controlled by the oil plant and can operate individually or in parallel with other diesel plants, depending on the power requirements of the complex.


This project has posed a great challenge for two reasons. A very low-quality gas supply and adverse environmental conditions. Himoinsa managed to solve both problems, helping to reduce considerably emissions from the associated gas flaring, thus helping to preserve the environment of the Amazon rainforest.

Himoinsa gas generator