Himoinsa gensets in Algiers supply emergency power to more than 400,000 square meters macro-complex in the city’s main airport for an overall power of 6.3 MW. The airport consists of three terminals: Hall 1, dedicated to international traffic; Hall 2, used for local traffic, and the Château d’Eau, which specializes in charter flights.

Opened in 1924, the Houari Boumediene Airport offers connections to the world’s most important airports, and its privileged location on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. More than 7.5 million passengers pass through its facilities each year, with more than a hundred flights operated daily.

Himoinsa gensets in Algiers

Himoinsa gensets in Algiers: working in parallel

Himoinsa has designed a solution to adapt the company’s generator sets to the specific technical configurations of each terminal. The gensets are configured to work in parallel, capable to operate individually or in parallel between them or other generators, offering the power the system requires in each space in the event of peak demand times.

Moreover, in accordance with the project’s requirements in terms of sound emissions, and given that the units are installed outdoors, the gensets are housed in soundproofed containers with a special coating, designed to reduce sound emissions.


All the different configurations

In order to meet an international airport quality and power requirements, the generator sets have different configurations depending on which space they are supplying. As for the international terminal, the largest of the three complexes, 3 x synchronised 3 HTW-1030 T5 generator sets supply a total of 3,090 kVA. Within the domestic terminal, the configuration includes an HTW-2030 T5 genset and two HTW-1030 T5 gensets (one of them with a built-in load bank). Finally, Château d’Eau relies on an HTW-670 T5 genset that guarantees the emergency supply of 670 kVA in the event of a grid outage.


All the generator set models used in this project are powered by Mitsubishi engines and work at 400V/50Hz. In addition, the generator sets feature a 3,000-litre tank that gives them greater running time.