World première: 16.2-litre D4276 engine from MAN Engines for construction machinery

At Bauma Munich 2019, that ended April 14th, MAN Engines showed its new straight-six engine, the D4276, with 142 mm bore and 170 mm stroke. This power unit has been developed specially for applications that demand high power with full power operation at up to 70 percent of the duty cycle. It delivers its maximum torque of 3,280 Nm at speeds as low as 1,100 rpm and maintains a constant torque up to 1,500 rpm. The straight-six engine offers not only high torque but also a high power-to-weight ratio.

With a dry weight of 1,280 kilograms, it is one of the lightest engines in its displacement class, and delivers an output between 450 and 515 kW depending on its power stage. Its design is based on the D3876 engine range. Reiner Rößner, head of sales at MAN Engines, said: «We are proud that we can offer our customers an engine that perfectly matches the requirements in the heavy-duty application field but at the same time combines all the advantages of the meticulously developed D3876 engine».

For exhaust gas aftertreatment, the D4276 relies on an exhaust gas recirculation (AGR) system with water cooling. The exhaust gas aftertreatment system consists essentially of the two DOC/DPF modules, coupled with an SCR system.

MAN Engines’ 9-litre off-road D1556 engine for construction machinery

At Bauma, MAN also exhibited the 9-litre-displacement D1556 diesel engine for construction machinery. This straight-six power unit delivers between 205 and 324 kW. Its highest power variant achieves a maximum torque of 1,970 Nm at speeds between 1,150 rpm and 1,300 rpm. Even at low speeds, the MAN D1556 delivers high torque. And with a dry weight of 860 kg, it is the lightest off-road engine in its displacement class.

Hubert Gossner, head of off-road sales at MAN Engines, said: «With the D1556, the MAN Engines engineers have succeeded in developing an engine with a high power-to-weight ratio and compactness that is perfectly suited to the requirements of off-road applications. In addition, as the first 9-litre engine from MAN Engines, it completes our engine portfolio for construction machinery and closes the gap in our range between the well-established MAN D0836 range with 6.9-litre displacement and the D2676 with 12.4-litre displacement».

Thanks to the space-saving MAN Engines exhaust gas aftertreatment (AGN) system, the engine meets current emission standards such as EU Stage V and US Tier 4. The exhaust gas aftertreatment system consists of the two DOC/DPF modules, as well as an SCR system with a special mixer.


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