MyFPT, available free of charge both on Play Store and iOS, is the smartphone app that brings the engine even closer to the user. The new version of the app was introduced during a digital event held by FPT Industrial on April 13th.

The application is intended for all users of FPT Industrial engines, who can now have much easier access to data, user’s manuals and service schedules not only for FPT Industrial engines, but also for machinery equipped with the brand’s engines. In addition, it will be possible to request assistance with a simple ‘tap’ on the device.

Here’s how MyFPT works

Let’s read from the official release by FPT Industrial. «The services provided when connected, using a Bluetooth dongle connected to the engine diagnostics socket, enable the customer to monitor the operation and status of all their registered FPT engines in real time. In fact, the customer can view ‘live’ data relative to engine RPM, operating temperature, fluid levels and fuel consumption. Any anomaly is immediately detected, and the relative codes are sent directly to the Customer Center in order to reduce diagnostics times. In fact, the customer can follow the correct procedure to get back to operation as quickly as possible, where necessary activating the assistance service».


MyFPT enriches the range of after-sales services the brand offers its customers thanks to the AMS (Aftermarket Solutions) team.

Designed to make customers’ everyday work easier

«Placing the customer at the heart of our business is our mantra as well as being the concept on which we based the development of the new app», said Riccardo Rebora, Marketing & Customer Care manager for FPT Industrial Aftermarket Solutions. «We aim to be the ideal partner for any daily mission our customers may have and their satisfaction is our driving force. We want to give our customers the best possible support at all times». 

The dongle required to connect the mobile device to the engine

MyFPT app is free, but users must register in order to take advantage of the services and to have all their FPT Industrial engines constantly monitored. The Bluetooth dongle, available in 25 countries, which is necessary to use the connected services, is available for purchase through the FPT Dealer Network.


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