Shingo Hanada, CEO & President of Kubota Holdings Europe B.V. and Kverneland Group, has been given a new assignment as Managing Executive Officer and President of Kubota North America Corporation and President of Kubota Tractor Corporation and will be leaving his current position as from January 1st 2022.

Some pills of the biography of Yasukazu Kamada, the new President of Kubota Holdings Europe B.V. and of Kverneland AS

At the same date Yasukazu Kamada will replace Shingo Hanada as President of Kubota Holdings Europe B.V. and of Kverneland AS. Yasukazu Kamada entered Kubota Corporation in 1983, and has been working for Kubota for almost 40 years in various management positions in Japan and the United States. In his last position he was Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of the Engine Division. 

Talking about Kubota Management…

Speaking of Kubota management, we had the opportunity some time ago to interview Tony Tonegawa, Vice President Business Unit Engine Europe, who has returned to the headquarters in Osaka after having successfully accomplished his mission. Here is an ‘enlightening’ passage on the strategies of Kubota’s recent past, which are still valid today.

The market strategy to increase the revenues (in particular of the Engine Division) has two main strategies. “The first one – says Tonegawa – is supplying engines to our internal products (tractors, harvesters, green and/or other agricultural equipment and construction machinery). Kubota has decided to enter into the ‘real’ farming market which corresponds to a power range above 200 HP (147kW). Today, we offer 6,1 liters engine for above 150 HP range, and in order to further expand our products offerings, we have just announced the introduction of new 5 liters engine during the ConExpo“.

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If diesel is less polluting…

Energy transition of Class II, switching to gas while maintaining a share of the latest generation diesel can generate fewer emissions than a rapid consecration of the LNG. The Politecnico di Milano has studied the guidelines for the renewal of the fleet

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