Quantron empowers new collaborations which will accelerate expertise in the entire hydrogen and e-mobility ecosystem, coupled with Quantron’s industry capabilities and presence, in the automotive value chain and position globally as a partner to existing OEMs.

Quantron and Cognitran

Cognitran as global OEM IT experts in aftersales, diagnostics, service analytics, content management & multilingual publications were announced to join forces with Quantron during Web Summit by Quantron AG CEO Michael Perschke. Target is to enter a strategic partnership with pioneers in sustainable e-mobility and H2 Hydrogen mobility systems, bundling up in the 360° Zero Emission Solutions Platform with H2 focus Quantron-as-a-Service.


Roadzen will collaborate with Quantron and offer its global technology solutions for transforming auto insurance using AI across the insurance value chain. Roadzen’s unified “Insurance as a Service” platform powered by video, telematics, and computer vision helps insurers reduce accidents, identify their best drivers, and process claims in real-time. This creates a valuable add-on to the Quantron-as-a-Service ecosystem with execution of a feasibility study in Q4/2022 for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Insurance as a Service (IaaS).

Goldstone Technologies Limited

Goldstone Technologies Limited (GTL) is a specialist full-stack BI, analytics, application and IT solutions development organisation. It is a top tier partner of Business Intelligence and cloud product companies such as Tableau, Alteryx, Snowflake, AWS, Fivetran among others, serving customers in Banking, Big Pharma, Telecom, Manufacturing, Automobile and Retail.

GTL’s Electric Vehicle CoE is developing 360-degree technology platforms for EV eco-systems with a special focus on revolutionising digital technology platforms in the commercial vehicles and fleet operations space, drawing on its core strength of building advanced analytics-based applications such a route planning, smart fleet management and safe driving to name a few.

Other partnerships

To this end, QaaS Hydrogen Alliance partnerships have also been established with well-known national and international companies from the energy, infrastructure, mobility and financial sectors, for example with Neuman & Esser (German specialist for decarbonization of energy and industrial systems as well as decentralized applications and for the generation and use of climate-neutral hydrogen) and Ballard Power Systems from Canada (one of the world’s leading fuel cell experts).

In addition to these partnerships, in the course of the IAA Transportation Hanover also ETO Motors Private Limited from Hyderabad (India) joined for cooperation for both the Indian and European markets (also with the aim to introduce vehicles with H2 technology and infrastructure such as tanks, fuel dispensers and electrolysers between the two countries).

The goal of these strategic partnerships is to build and grow an open platform in the Hydrogen Alliance (from fuel cells and H2 infrastructure to a H2 refueling alliance), open to other manufacturers of fuel cell powered trucks and buses. 


AS Labruna at Metstrade: a new role

At Metstrade AS Labruna presents itself as a system integrator. Among the novelties the Power Bank 30, Power Shunt, electric Maradea and HVO on-board generators

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