Fpt Industrial presented its sustainable engines and strategy at Biogas Summit 2019

In order to develop its commitment to sustainable development, about which we already discussed in previous posts here on Diesel International, Fpt Industrial decided to take part in the UK Anaerobic Digestion and World Biogas Expo 2019. The event took place at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK, at the beginning of July.

cursor 13 sustainable fpt

Together with its sister brands Iveco and New Holland Agriculture, Fpt Industrial presented once more its “sustainable side” in favor of, in particular, natural gas. It did so by exhibiting its NG engines NEF 6-cylinder and Cursor 13. They are the beating hearts behind the New Holland Methane-powered concept tractor and the Iveco Stralis NP truck, respectively, which were also on display at the show.


Some information about the protagonists

Fpt Industrial’s NEF prototype is an in-line 6-cylinder methane engine, delivers peak power of 132 kW and maximum torque of 740 Nm. It uses a specifically developed Fpt technology that minimizes fuel consumption to provide day-long autonomy.

For the on-road segment, the Cursor 13 NG is parto of the top 100% Natural Gas engines on the market for industrial vehicles, delivering maximum power of 338 kW, 2,000 Nm of torque, and reliability for long-haul missions. Comparing it to a diesel engine with the same power, Cursor 13 NG emits 98% less Particulate Matter and almost eliminates CO2 emissions if fueled with biomethane.

The show also hosted the World Biogas Summit to discuss the contribution of anaerobic digestion and biogas across different sectors and ways to tackle the challenges of their implementation and use for sustainable development. Fpt Industrial aim was to provide valuable insights on renewable Natural Gas for the powertrain industry. The Brand was the first to develop, produce and market Natural Gas engines for on-road transport, and since then has produced 45,000 NG units and is currently expanding its technology to the off-road segment.



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