During the latest edition of EIMA, which ended on 23 October, Landini officially unveiled its new hybrid specialized tractor to the press. The manufacturer from Fabbrico has in fact integrated the Electra – Evolving Hybrid system into the REX4, a tractor already renowned for its maneuverability and ease of use. 

This is an original project for which Argo Tractors has developed both the mechanical and electrical components, which promotes fuel savings, improved steering angle, greater stability and comfort. This solution has made it possible to create a compact hybrid tractor, where the 110 HP Diesel engine, via generator and battery, powers the two front electric motors that drive the front axle, thus underlining, in addition to the other expected advantages, also our natural attention to the environment and sustainability.

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Landini REX 4 Electra – Evolving Hybrid, the hybrid goes down between the rows

The main innovations of the Electra-Evolving Hybrid system – electric front-wheel drive with independent wheels, electronically controlled cab suspension and robotic gearbox – guarantee the Rex4 a further increase in maneuverability, comfort and ease of use.

The most significant innovative element is certainly the fully electric front-wheel drive on a suspended axle, with two independent electric motors and related sensors, electronic controls, generator and battery dedicated to energy recovery during braking and deceleration.

The entire system is managed by the PMS (Power Management System) which supervises the operation of all devices, including the battery and, through the respective inverters, manages the engine and generator.


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