Tractor of the year 2021 and the ‘winning’ engines. The Covid did not defeat the Tractor of the year, which took refuge in the trench of the web events and started from there with the bayonet. The result was the beautiful online proclamation on Friday 18 December. Who won and what engine is under the bonnet? Let’s start from the ‘biggest one’, Tractor of the year for open fields.

Tractor of the year 2021 and the 'winning' engines
HD74, Agritechnica 2015

Tractor of the year 2021 and the ‘winning’ engines. TOTY 2021 is…

After a long and depth analysis of all the technical Parameters, the jury has elected Massey Ferguson 8S.265 as Tractor of the Year 2021.This is a full new tractor, new style, new and innovative transmission, new cooling system, new hydraulic system, new and silent cab. Last but not least a full new package of technology. And the engine is… a captive one! AGCO Power HD74, 6 cylinders in line diesel engine, 7.365 liters displacement, 195 kW @1850 rpm, 1200 Nm @1280 rpm.

Best of specialized

The jury has elected Fendt V Vario 211 Best of Specialized 2021. With a full new cab, has improved the working environment for the driver. The Dynamic Performance extends power range, the extra power (10 hp) is controlled and released automatically according to the working needs. High quality reliable tractor with a very efficient transmission. And the engine is… captive again. So, AGCO Power does an encore with HD33, 3 liters, 84 kW @2000rpm, 507 Nm @1600rpm.

Best Utility 2021

Valtra G 135 Versu has been elected Best Utility 2021. Based on these elements and thanks to attention to all the details, to the versatility, the technology offered on board, the very efficient hydraulic assistant and many other features. And is powered by… AGCO Power, of course! This one is the MD44, 4 cylinders, 4.4 liters displacement, 96 kW @2200 rpm, 540 Nm  @1500 rpm.

Tractor of the year 2021 and the 'winning' engines

Sustainable TOTY 2021 is…

The winner of Sustainable TOTY has been chosen among all the finalists tractors of all the Toty’s categories.
With Claas 960 Axion, thanks to Cemos system, a big step towards a more sustainable farming has been done. All the technology available on this tractor is easy to use as never before. The optimization of all the technology all the electronics, last but not least the optimization of tires pressure, allows to this tractor a remarkable fuel saving and a much more efficient performance on field and in any working condition. The engine is the unique free market oriented, after the previous three captive engines by Agco Power (form SISU). FPT Industrial Cursor 9, 6 cylinders in line, 327 kW @1900 rpm, 1850 Nm @1400 rpm.



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