The Isotta Fraschini 16V170G Engine Road Show is about to start all over Italy, waiting to confront its competitors in Europe as well.

Isotta Fraschini 16V170G Engine Road Show starts at the Bari Headquarters

Take a truck, equipped with the livery of the Isotta Fraschini 16V170G, and let it drive across the boot in a road show that will start from Bari, and from Sicily will take it to the Alps, crossing the Campania and Veneto regions. This is the representation of the Isotta Fraschini 16V170G Engine Road Show, which will bring the beating heart of the 67.18-litre directly to the homes of the main genset manufacturers. To celebrate the media premiere of the event, just a few days before the first ignition, we involved Giovanni Bruni, Isotta Fraschini COO.

The Isotta Fraschini 16V170G Engine Road Show opens in the name of the PNRR. As for Italy, energy is an essential asset for the country’s system. What considerations does this coincidence in time suggest to you?

Isotta Fraschini has always been active in the energy production sector, and its engines are installed in various industrial sites and ships, both in Italy and around the world. We have therefore planned our future for this sector precisely because we believe it will increasingly be a fundamental one, whatever direction the country’s systems wish to take.

Isotta Fraschini road show

‘Power with an Italian heart’

‘Power with an Italian heart’, a slogan tailor-made for this tour of Italy. What do you think the audience of OEMs who will welcome you will expect?

We have prepared ourselves to offer them something more than our competitors, as is only right and proper for them. We have set up the project, taking on board the needs of engine users: maintenance, space requirements, layout; all this is based on our Italian character, enriched with the best that Europe can offer in this sector. Today, practically 100 percent of our engine components are made in Europe and more than 60 percent are made in Italy. Indeed, we believe that excellence is closely connected with Italy and Europe.

Finally, a technical digression. What applications do you imagine for the 16V170G at this stage?

The 16V170G engine is addressed the market of emergency and continuous power generators for industrial applications with power ratings from 1500 to 2200 kW; this will be followed by applications for specific uses such as data centres, increasingly crucial, indispensable and strategic applications in the development programmes of large companies and country systems. Then, a third stage in which the engine can also be used for marine commercial applications. Our goal is to be a leader in the production of components and systems for energy generation.


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