Shanghai Fiorentini, Pietro Fiorentini’s joint venture with China Aerospace, will supply the Jingmen Green Power Plant, the first Chinese power plant powered by both natural gas and hydrogen blends up to 30 percent.

The project, coordinated by SPIC (State Power Investment Corporation), one of the main energy companies in the country, involved Shanghai Fiorentini in the supply of the reduction / metering station and the blending plant, destined for the power plant.

For this commission, Shanghai Fiorentini handled the entire process of engineering, design and construction of the hydrogen mixing plant and the reduction and measurement station; the supply of pressure regulators is the work of the Pietro Fiorentini headquarters in Arcugnano (near Vicenza, Italy).

Once completed, the Green Power Plant will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 18,000 tons per year (which is what 10,000 cars would produce about 20,000 km), using a 54MW turbine powered by natural gas mixed with hydrogen (up to 30% in fact).

Recently, the Pietro Fiorentini Group supplied an electrolyser with AEMWE technology to PLT Energia, through its subsidiary Hyter.


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