Busworld India 2018. Agility Fuel Solutions

Agility fuel solutions at Busworld India. At the eighth edition of the Indian spin-off of the ‘mother of all buses exhibitions’, Busworld Europe, in Kortrjik, Belgium, the CNG showed muscles. Even in the Indian subcontinent, natural gas represents a mature and immediately expendable technology to relieve Indian cities from endemic smog. India is the third CNG worldwide market. The ambitious goals of ARSTU, the Indian Association of Road State Transport Undertakings, claim to replace the diesel buses in three steps: by 30% in 2021, by 50% in 2023 and 100% in 2025. As many as 1,50,000 buses are operated by the seventy public sector State Transport Undertakings and Transport Corporations. Around 12.1 billion kilometres annually and more than 70 million passenger trips per-day. A big challenge or a mission impossible?


Agility Fuel Solutions. All you need for CNG

At Busworld India, that taking place at Biec (Bangalore international exhibition center), Agility Fuel Solutions applied as a leading player in the Indian original equipment and retrofit market for onroad methane gas applications. Bharat VI (BSVI) emissions standards are coming soon, by April 2020. In India, such as in Europe, CNG could be the easier pathway to meet the emissions requirements. In 2017, India’s CCOE approved the use of type 4 plastic liner cylinders, 70 percent lighter compared to steel cylinders. It was such as a ‘magical keyword’ to emphasize the Agility fuel solutions potential, one of the largest composite fibers consumers. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, the company supplies CNG fuel tanks to 70 percent of mini and midi onroad commercial vehicles. After-treatment systems may be too expensive from an economic point of view for Indian OEMs. Agility fuel solutions is able to provide the full CNG chain: modular on-board storage systems for Compressed Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas, propane and hydrogen; battery packs for electric anbd hybrid vehicles; propane and CNG engines; propane dispensers. Tanks and storage systems, electronic control units, composite CNG cylinders, pipelines.

Agility Fuel Solutions, GM and Cummins

What does these three motor companies, apart from the American slang, have to do with each other? Cummins has a member on the board of the Californian company. And what about General Motors?

Agility Fuel Solutions converted to CNG the 6.0L General Motors Vortec gasoline engine, named 366 NG (BxS: 101.6 x 92 mm, 2 valves per cylinder) using patented controls and fuel systems. This engine meets the  stringent CARB and EPA emission standars as a low-NOx engine (0,031 g/bhp-hr, 0,042 g/kWh), 90 percent lower than Bharat VI emission limit, it’s certified with HD-OBD engine diagnostics and California greenhouse gas emission standards.

6-liters CNG engine in details

Cast-iron deep skirt cylinder block with six bolt main bearings caps, cast-aluminium structural oil pan, high flow aluminium head cylinder design, VVT (Variable Valve Timing),  steel camshaft, hydraulic roller lifters, steel roller rocker arms to reduce friction and improve reliability and durability.

«This announcement is great news for fleets interested in meeting strict sustainability and clean air goals,» said NGVAmerica President Dan Gage. «It’s a great and needed addition to the growing Class 4-6 market».

Agility Fuel Solutions covers all the US market with more than 200 service points.

In Nebraska they manufacture Type-4 composite cylinders. Other facilities are based in Canada, Brazil, UK, Norway. Indian plant is cooming soon.

And what about European market? UK and Norway are the outposts outside Euro zone. In the future the company may also take root into the Schenghen area.




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