Oerlikon Graziano showed its hybrid and electric technologies at CTI Berlin

Oerlikon Graziano, gear and drive solutions provider, together with Vocis, showed its latest hybrid and electric technologies at the last CTI Symposium 2018 in Berlin. The ‘star’ was the H-Ram, the company’s innovative hybrid rear axle module. H-Ram is a compact and integrated design that can be configured as a P3 motor arrangement or a stand-alone P4 electric axle. It combines the propshaft input from a conventional powertrain with an electric motor connected through a two-speed planetary drive and incorporates the final drive and differential which may be open, or featuring a mechanical or electronically controlled Lsd.

In the P3 arrangement, tests by Oerlikon Graziano have shown efficiency gains of up to 8 percent compared to a P2 architecture, when running the Wltp cycle in EV mode. The compact size of H-Ram enables OEMs to package a complete hybrid system within the sub frame of the rear axle without modification of the standard Ice powertrain, a considerable advantage for vehicle platforms that are common between hybrid and non-hybrid models.


oerlikon graziano hram

The P3 configuration with planetary gearing enables efficient running in pure EV mode and the capability of very strong e-Boost at low speeds in a high gear, enhancing the performance feel of the vehicle. In particular, the first application of the unit is in a high-performance vehicle with peak wheel torque of 12,000 Nm in hybrid mode and a potential maximum speed in E-mode of over 300 Km/h.

Oerlikon Drive Systems also displayed its Emr3 single-speed transmission for battery electric vehicles, its 4Sed 4-Speed, twin-motor, electric drive and modular transmissions for 48V and high voltage hybrid applications.

About Oerlikon Graziano

Oerlikon Graziano is an important player in power transmission, with more than 60 years of experience. Today the company focuses on markets like Off-Highway (Agricultural and Construction), Automotive and Industrial Application. Through its global network, in America (USA), Asia (China and India) and Europe (Italy, Russia and UK), the company aims to provide the right complete driveline systems as well as single gearing components.



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