OC16 with biofuel. Scania is keeping up the rythm of gas development for its engines. Trucks with the name of the Swedish manufacturer on the front but with gas in the tank are more an more finding their place on the roads. The recurrent slogan is that gas engines can perform almost the same as diesel ones. While the discussion is still going on, Scania decided to commit to gas development and one member of the family, presented this year, is ready to do its part.

The point of view of Scania on biogas usage

According to Scania biogas is one of the most sustainable and cost-effective fuels available today. It is a fuel that comes from a mix of gas produced by the decomposition of organic substances. Subsequently transformed into sewage, sewage sludge and food residues.

It can provide a reduction of up to 90% in CO2 emissions, better air quality with less particulate emissions and lower operating costs than the diesel counterpart. For Scania, the sustainability aspects of biogas are very important and considerable. Yet in terms of real efficiency the discussion on the matter is still wide open. There is no univocal answer yet.


The role of the OC16

The Scania V8 16-liter biogas engine will operate in the production of energy. The power for continuous use is 320 kW while the prime power is 360 kW. The engine can work at 1,500 or 1,800 rpm depending on the target market.


Hans Petersson, Global Product Manager Power Generation at Scania Engines, said: «This new biogas engine is a step forward. More and more customers want this type of engine and renewable energy sources. We are seeing a growing interest in these engines all over the world, mainly in Europe, in Brazil and Russia».

This biogas-powered engine will be particularly interesting in those industrial areas that already have urban or agricultural waste at their disposal. In fact, starting from those wastes they will be able to generate the energy they need independently and with a reduction in costs.



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