Simplifhy is an Italian solution provider that operates in the decarbonization of the industry through the use of technologies based on hydrogen as an energy vector and as an alternative fuel.

Hydrogen is a key factor in the energy transition process, being free of both carbon and polluting emissions if produced from renewable sources through electrolysis, the process that allows the water molecules to be broken down through an electrolyzer capable of separating the oxygen from hydrogen.

Simplifhy is a company born in 2020 but it boasts an important know-how, being composed of a team of people with consolidated expertise and many years of experience in the field of energy and hydrogen”, explains Sergio Torriani, CEO of the company.

Simplifhy: “custom-made” hydrogen

Simplifhy creates tailor-made projects for each reality, designed to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Our mission is to simplify the approach to the implementation of technologies based on the use of hydrogen, hence the choice of the name Simplifhy”, explains Sergio Torriani. “We propose ourselves as a single interlocutor during the design and feasibility study, engineering and execution of projects (including authorizations and paperwork), hydrogen transport, installation and maintenance of systems.

Among the services offered there is also support for foreign companies that want to create solutions for the production and use of hydrogen on the Italian territory and specialization on national and European notices for the financing and implementation of innovative projects for the decarbonisation with technologies based on the use of hydrogen.

Simplifhy operates in various sectors: mobility and transport; industry and steelworks; waste treatment and water treatment; ceramic; glassworks; logistics; hospitals; energy storage in remote sites and in agriculture.


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