Case Construction Equipment chose Acea Pinerolese as the set for the “Tetra Project”

Case Construction Equipment and their wheel loaders gathered in Pinerolo (Italy) to give life to the “Tetra Project”. In particular, the location designed to present the new concept was that of the ecological pole of Acea Pinerolese Industriale. The protagonist was the Case-brand wheel loader which was a testimonial to the concept of a circular economy cycle linked to the handling of organic waste sent to treatment to obtain biomethane with which to power the same earth-moving vehicle.

tetra project case

The code name of the project is Tetra and the objective is to demonstrate how earthmoving operators can contribute to favoring the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources. Making the wheel loaders part of a cycle in which they contribute to producing the fuel that powers them from organic waste and from renewable resources.


The advantages of biomethane

This project by the Cnh Industrial family aims to highlight the growing strategic importance of plants such as the Acea Ecological Center in the production of alternative fuels from organic waste. The concept of Case wheel loader, if powered exclusively by biomethane, generates 95% less CO2 than diesel vehicles, 90% less nitrogen dioxide and 99% less particulate, contributing to an overall reduction of 80% emissions.

The wheel loader can therefore be used to move compost produced from organic waste treatment to the Acea Ecological Center. Thus completing the cycle of exploitation of renewable fuel.

The project called “Tetra”, which in Greek means four, refers to the four hydrogen atoms that make up the methane CH4 formula and the tetrahedral form of the methane molecule with the single carbon atom. The goal is to bring this message of circular economy to numerous countries. From Europe to Asia to North and South America.


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