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Piller and the kinetic energy storage: a century of continuity

The years are 110, to be precise. It was 1909 when engineer Anton Piller founded the company named Piller. Today, the German company is quite a benchmark in the field of rotary UPS, employs currently about 1,000 people worldwide and has its headquarters in the city of Osterode, near Hanover, as well...

Man’s top 16.2 L for Agco’s top Ideal 10

The existence of a relationship of trust between Ideal machines and Man engines is certainly not a secret, but the new event that comes this year is an increase in “numbers” within this relationship. In particular, we are talking about the new top range Ideal 10 paired with the 16.2 L en...

Man’s 16.2-litre engine generation première at Agritechnica

Man and its newest engine at Agritechnica Man is going to attend Agritechnica this year; this, by itself, shouldn’t be a particular interesting event if not for the fact that it will also showcase the newest member of the family. In fact, Man will be in Hanover next November together with its ...

Bonfiglioli and the ECGenius transmission

ECGenius, the new mechanical transmission with continuous variation During the Bauma 2019, Bonfiglioli previewed an innovative high-power continuous-shift mechanical transmission called ECGenius, specifically designed for telescopic handlers, but also suitable for other applications. The heart of EC...

Agco Power: Duray and Tuorila on alternatives, regeneration and more

We already had the occasion to read about the “secrets” behind Agco Power through the words of Alexander Duray, manager, global engine sales, and Jarmo Tuorila, Director, sales and marketing. Now we can proceed by going deeper on themes such as marine engines, the partnership with Proven...

An overview of Caterpillar’s work on Stage V

As we already reported back from the Bauma Munich 2019, Caterpillar is deeply focusing on the development of its Stage V line up for the free market. Let’s take an overall look at the current state of art inside Cat’s Stage V house. Engines and beyond Caterpillar’s digital solutions are ...



FPT’s stand at Bauma was full of Stage V

FPT Industrial presented its alternative propulsion offering at Bauma 2019 FPT Industrial, at Bauma 2019, consolidated its Stage V portfolio for the off-road segment and its vision for alternative propulsion. The increasing focus accorded to sustainability has changed and will continue to change the...

At Bauma, Perkins brought its Stage V and new hybrid solutions

Perkins presented new hybrid technologies on three engines at Bauma 2019 Perkins presented a dedicated team and new technologies focused on hybrid and electric power solutions that are relevant and adapted to meet the specific needs of construction machines at Bauma 2019. The hybrid-electric, hybrid...

On the first day of Bauma, the Doty 2019 winner is… V5009

During the first day of Bauma Munich 2019 the V5009 finally received its award The first day of Bauma has passed and between the army of people that stormed through the gates since the first very moment and all the stands and news that were ready inside to greet them, one name emerged as the [&helli...

At Cummins, Stage V progress never stops

Stage V progress continues to be a key focus for Cummins Looking to this year’s Bauma (8-14 April), Cummins will celebrate its centenary year with a presence focused on Stage V while looking forward to the progress of future technologies like electrification and connectivity. The aim is to let...

Doosan Portable Power news at Bauma 2019

New Doosan Portable Power products will make their appereance at Bauma 2019 The Doosan Portable Power range includes several new portable compressors and generators that will be on display for the first time at Bauma 2019 in April. These include the new Stage V 12/205 and 12/255 portable compressors...

Walvoil at Bauma 2019 with 3TPW, CED1200S, HJW and SDX

Let’s start from 3TPW: new range of cast iron pumps At Bauma, in Munich, Walvoil will present the new range of 3TPW cast iron pumps. These pumps are particularly suitable for all applications where traditional aluminum pumps are used at the limit of their performance. Eg. for installation on m...

John Deere is ready with a new Stage V line

John Deere is ready with a complete line of officially certified Stage V engines John Deere Power Systems continues to proceed towards the final stage of emission control legislation with a line of engines ready for Stage V certification. The range includes both variable speed motor families with po...

Diesel of the year 2019. Kubota V5009

The Kubota V5009 is the Diesel of the year 2019 The story of the Kubota V5009 starts from afar. For the general public the first milestone was in Las Vegas, March 7, 2017. In the Nevada desert Kubota is “guilty” of a double heresy: the 5 liters shuffles the cards by raising the bar of […]

Mobil Elektronik from Baden-Württemberg to Bavarian core

Mobil Elektronik at Bauma 2019 Mobil Elektronik at Bauma, electronics in the service of steering. The chip is not only the driver of engines evolution, it is also at the helm of safety systems. Diagnostics is the added value that is increasingly indispensable for end users. What Mobil Elektronik did...
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